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What is Kohezion’s Solution Partner Program?

Our solution partner program is designed to help business process consultants, digital transformation experts and other solution providers who design systems and internal apps to leverage no-code and low-code tools for process automation and building internal apps.

Space is limited to a small group of qualified organizations to start, but we plan to open the program to a broader audience in late 2023.

We power and enable our Channel Partners through many to deliver unique value to customers. 

Oue Channel program requires no annual fees, no minimum threshold. 

Kohezion Shines When:

  • Sophisticated clients have complex workflow requirements
  • Automations require workarounds in other tools (so, the solution becomes worse than the problem)
  • You need a system of record that can augment your client’s workflows (and not clients needing to adjust their workflow to the tool)
  • Your current system has limiting capabilities
  • When the basic features require the purchase of add-ons in other tools

Our Partnership Vision:

You'll enjoy working with our small but nightly and nimble team, readily available to brainstorm and architect a solution based on your clients specs.


Join the movement

Reinvent the tech stack, simplify data flow and create a true single source of data for your clients.


Evolve your services

Develop a world-class playbook to help organizations unlock their growth potential.


Earn commissions

Earn a 20% revenue share for clients that sign up with Kohezion.

Commission Structure

  • First two client: 20% commissions + bonus $500*
  • Clients 3-9: 20% + bonus $1000*
  • Clients 10+: 20% + bonus $1500*

*Bonus is per client and is offered if signed up for the Business/Compliance account.

What are the requirements?

To qualify for our initial cohort of partners, you:

  • Must have a person on staff who can learn Kohezion and participate in bi-weekly calls
  • Must be capable of selling and onboarding Kohezion to two clients within three months 
  • Must have a services-delivery person on staff who can partner with Kohezion Customer Success Managers to assist in onboarding new customers
  • Must be willing to provide feedback and ideas on the Kohezion product, program structure, and service models
  • Open to various partnership types: Reseller, Referral, Services Provider, Technology Partner. 
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