Donor Database Software for Non-Profit Organizations

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Your time is valuable. Increase efficiency by building an online database that fits your specific needs.

Non profit database builder software

Donor Database for Nonprofits

Non Profit Organizations can now accelerate digital transformation while being fully supported by Kohezion’s team of database experts. Kohezion can help you build custom workflows, provide employee training and onboarding, and create integrations with other software to ensure your system is running as smoothly as possible.

Popular Kohezion Features
used by Non Profit Organizations

Donor Database Management for Nonprofits

Why would you settle for generic software when your mission deserves the perfect solution. Building an online database doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Build custom applications to get the job done in a fraction of the time. You understand your needs better than anyone, and that’s why you should be the one in control of your data.

Kohezion is easy to learn, empowering non-profit users to hit the ground running with it.  Make changes, visualize your data, and leverage Kohezion to reach your goals. 


Free Nonprofit database and discount

We give back. If you are a registered non-profit organization, you may qualify for a discount. Contact us for more information.

Here are some ways that non-profits use Kohezion database:

Training Management Application

  • Assign new employees onboarding material and monitor their progress from within Kohezion
  • Automatically send reports to supervisors, informing them of training completion 
  • Re-assign employees training material when they receive a promotion, move laterally to a different department or are required to complete annual training 

Annual Financial Reports  

  • Create custom financial reports to share with funders or board members
  • Easily submit lengthy funding applications using the mail merge PDF function
  • Use the dashboard to share KPIs and other metrics related to the overall mission

CRM For Nonprofits or Donor Management Software

  • Manage donations received and keep contact information up to date 
  • Create a single to multiple relationships with your data
  • Import existing spreadsheets
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can assist your non-profit on multiple levels on one platform. These are some areas our non-profit clients use Kohezion for


Online Forms
Dynamic PDF
Workflow Management


Clinical Data Management
Diagnostic Data Retrieval
Participant Consent Forms


Automation Repoarting
Individual Record Database
Onboarding and Training

Create Powerful Reports

Save time by creating custom reports in a matter of seconds. Share your data with donors, funders, board members, or volunteers. 

Use Kohezion’s reports to summarize KPIs and other metrics that represent progress towards the overall goal, or provide a breakdown of financial resources.

Data Pies for Non Profit

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Monitor your NPO’s goals in real-time with Kohezion’s visualization tools. Build a custom dashboard with widgets to provide a snapshot of your data. Summarize large quantities of data, identify trends, and plan for the future. Share your dashboard with other stakeholders, and use Kohezion’s visualization tools to drive data-informed decision-making.

Database Graph Non Profit

Securely Access your Data

Kohezion is committed to providing a highly secure experience. Within your Kohezion account, you have the ability to set user-based controls, only granting specific users access to confidential data.

Kohezion also allows you to audit changes made to records, so you never lose track of who has made what changes.


Your data has now backup

Kohezion backs up your data daily. We store your backups for 180 days because we understand that data loss happens. 

Kohezion is compliant with a number of regulatory frameworks to ensure you are meeting your legal requirements. Contact us for more information on our HIPAA Compliant account options.

Your application prototype delivered in 2 weeks, at no cost

Let us build a prototype for your future business application. Go from an idea to an application prototype in under 2 weeks.

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Deploy your online database software application, fast

Embrace low-code application development by bringing all of your data onto our platform. Kohezion empowers non-profits and NGOs to build a feature-rich custom online database application fast, while staying HIPAA compliant.

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