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Save time, and eliminate transcription errors. Generate mail-merge PDFs from Kohezion


Mail Merging PDF's?

Generate PDFs instantly, getting you back to what matters most - faster. Automatically merge, generate, and send PDFs, all from within Kohezion. Take any government or agency PDF form and automatically fill it with our mail merge PDF feature. Use data from your Kohezion account to intuitively generate PDFs, even send them via email.

What is Mail Merge PDF?

A mail merge allows you to take your Kohezion data and generate PDFs based on a template. Mail merge is very handy when you need to generate multiple PDFs, personalized documents, or submit numerous lengthy applications using the same template.

Once you have the PDF template setup, the mail merge function will automatically populate it using data from your Kohezion account. Mail merge PDFs can be sent via email and electronically shared. Effortlessly generate PDFs, saving you valuable time and money.

Mail Merge PDF Kohezion

Who Uses Mail Merging PDF?

Mail merge PDF can be used by anyone looking to eliminate manual data entry. No more typing, no more cut, and paste, no more proofreading. This is particularly useful for HIPAA-covered entities, such as Medicaid Specialists who are required to fill out lengthy government PDFs. Mail merge removes the redundancy of needing to manually fill in PDFs!

Another real-life example of mail merge PDF in action would be a billing company sending out hundreds of collection letters to clients on a monthly basis.

What Type of Information can be used
in a mail merge with PDF?

This function can truly adapt to most types of information stored in a PDF, from content to graphics.

Dynamically generate the following mail merge PDFs:

Life insurance claim

Medicare application

Nursing home or long-term care application

Tax and other financial documents

Employment contracts

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