Microsoft Access Alternatives: 10 Best Alternatives and Competitors

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    Microsoft Access has long been the go-to source for database management, helping businesses capture, analyze, and manage vast amounts of diverse data. However, it lacks perfection. There are instances when MS Access might not fully meet the distinct needs of every person or company. In such cases, consider alternatives.

    Why Look for Alternatives to MS Access?


    There are several reasons why you might seek alternatives to Microsoft Access. Its learning curve can be steep, and it may not offer the best user experience for those without a technical background. MS Access also has some limits on database size and concurrent users, which hinders scalability, especially for larger organizations.
    MS Access lacks strong cross-platform capabilities, only functioning as a Windows-based desktop application. These constraints necessitate the search for alternatives that offer a more intuitive user experience, flexible scalability, and broader platform compatibility. You also might desire tools that better integrate with your existing software or apps to streamline your operations.

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    Top 10 Microsoft Access Alternatives for Your Business

    1. Kohezion

    kohezion online database software the best microsoft access alternative

    Kohezion is a highly customizable and affordable database solution that does not require coding skills, making it an excellent alternative to Microsoft Access. It is especially beneficial to small businesses due to its accessible nature and cost efficiency.

    Why it made the list:

    1. Kohezion's cloud-based software aids in centralized data management, enhancing collaboration among teams.
    2. A user-friendly application builder with an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality allows easy data access and organization.

    Top 5 features:

    1. Streamlined collaboration.
    2. Easy access to data.
    3. Data export in multiple formats.
    4. Mobile-friendly interface.
    5. Responsive customer support.

    Five benefits:

    1. No need for a separate development team, saving resources.
    2. Cost-effective for small businesses.
    3. Centralized data management, improving team collaboration.
    4. Easy to build applications without coding skills.
    5. Stable, secure, and always accessible, unlike spreadsheets stored on local computers.

    Best for: Individuals, teams, and small businesses looking for a customizable and user-friendly data management solution.

    2. Base

    base relational database management system as alternative to microsoft access

    Base, available in LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice, positions itself as an intuitive and dynamic relational database management system. As a free software, Base serves as an excellent alternative to other Microsoft Access alternatives.

    Why it made the list:

    1. Base is platform-independent, catering to users across various operating systems like Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux.
    2. It offers an intuitive interface, making it accessible for those new to database management.

    Top 5 features:

    1. Cross-database support for multi-user databases.
    2. Links to Microsoft Access, MySQL, Adabas D, and PostgreSQL.
    3. Built-in table definitions and wizards.
    4. Extensive program assistance.
    5. Generate documents such as invoices, sales reports, and customer lists.

    Five benefits:

    1. User-friendly even for new users.
    2. Ideal for complex multi-database setups.
    3. Free, unlike many other database management systems.
    4. Comprehensive program assistance and support availability.
    5. Flexibility across different operating systems.

    Best for: Users seeking a free, easy-to-navigate database management system that operates across various devices and operating systems.

    3. Zoho Creator

    zoho creator low code application development platform

    Zoho Creator is an online application creation environment that truly stands out. Having the ability to match the functionality of Access, it includes a lot more sophisticated features that allow for automated workflow orchestration, creating applications based on small-scale databases.

    Why it made the list:

    1. It's a powerful tool for developing applications online.
    2. It has a unique feature of allowing the orchestration of other tools to automate workflows.

    Top 5 features:

    1. Guide with staged tasks for creating databases.
    2. Integration with other databases.
    3. Advanced reporting and analytics.
    4. Customer portal.
    5. Cloud-based, ensuring accessibility from anywhere, anytime.

    Five benefits:

    1. Matches and exceeds Access functionality.
    2. The cloud-based platform ensures the data is always accessible.
    3. Sophisticated tool allowing for automated inventory and document indexing.
    4. Robust customer portal for organizations to share restricted data.
    5. Option to choose from free and paid plans.

    Best for: Administrators keen on creating system inventory databases or document indexes. It's an excellent choice for those looking for a tool that integrates with other databases and is accessible from anywhere.

    4. Knack

    knack customizable database software as an alternative to microsoft access

    Knack strikes a balance of simplicity and functionality, presenting an ideal online alternative for Microsoft Access. One thing that sets it apart is its focus on providing tools for creating highly effective online database applications.

    Why it made the list:

    1. Knack facilitates streamlined workflows, speeding up processes like project approvals, invoicing, or time tracking.
    2. Its ability to define user roles and access allows for secure data management and sharing.

    Top 5 features:

    1. An extensive range of templates like customer portals, job listings, events calendars, product catalogs, and more.
    2. User-friendly and creates detailed records of data.
    3. Build customized database applications.
    4. Easily track and manage data.
    5. Provides a selection of rich text, connections, formulas, and other dynamic field types.

    Five benefits:

    1. Enhances collaboration and productivity.
    2. Ensures high data accuracy.
    3. Lowers overall IT costs and simplifies IT management.
    4. Streamlines the data management process.
    5. The easy-to-manage tool without the need for technical expertise.

    Best for: Individuals, teams, and businesses of any size seeking a highly customizable, user-friendly online database software that can help structure, connect, and extend data securely.

    5. Kexi

    kexi visual database application builder

    Created by the KDE open-source community, Kexi is part of the Calligra Suite, an office and graphic design suite. Touted as KDE's answer to MS Access, it offers a solid combination of database features, including data entry, queries, forms, tables, reports, and more.

    Why it made the list:

    1. Kexi can be used as the front-end for database servers like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.
    2. It provides the much-needed flexibility of database migration with the handy Microsoft Access migration assistant.

    Top 5 features:

    1. Database migration assistant for easy database transfer.
    2. Robust application development features.
    3. Integrates with other Calligra Suite applications, enhancing its functionality.
    4. Allows data import and export in various formats.
    5. Comprehensive design views for tables, queries, and forms.

    Five benefits:

    1. It's open-source, hence free to use.
    2. Ensures smooth database migration, preserving data, and allowing editing between applications.
    3. Works across several hardware platforms and operating systems.
    4. Provides application development tools for databases.
    5. Excellent compatibility with other database servers.

    Best for: Database enthusiasts, developers, and small to medium-sized businesses in need of a cost-free yet robust database solution.

    kexi interface

    6. TeamDeck

    teamdeck low code cloud based database software as microsoft access alternative

    TeamDeck is an excellent low-code, cloud-based database creation tool capable of meeting different business needs and sizes. Unlimited data storage, records, and support make it ideal for scaling small to mid-size businesses.

    Why it made the list:

    1. It allows customization of data and applications to fit your business processes.
    2. Users can build custom databases with zero technical knowledge using the no-code platform.

    Top 5 features:

    1. User-friendly interface that can be customized for the team.
    2. Build powerful relational databases.
    3. Unlimited records and data storage.
    4. Adaptable database tools for different processes.
    5. Reliable customer support.

    Five benefits:

    1. Eliminates the need for advanced technical skills and saves costs.
    2. Scaling becomes easy with flexible tool modification.
    3. The user interface can be tailored to meet group needs.
    4. Confirms secure data management with cloud storage.
    5. Assures continuous support, mitigating downtime.

    Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses that wish to scale their operations and require a customizable database without entering into complex technicalities.


    7. Airtable

    airtable spreadsheet and database platform for collaboration

    Airtable is a flexible, easy-to-use platform that combines the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the power of a database. As an alternative to MS Access, it allows for collaboration and real-time changes, making it ideal for project management, content pipelines, customer relations, and more.

    Why it made the list:

    1. Airtable's powerful integrations and automation abilities make it an attractive choice for teams.
    2. It provides a variety of different views, including Grid, Calendar, Kanban, and Gallery.

    Top 5 features:

    1. Organize and share critical business information using relational databases.
    2. Use AI components and AI functionality to get work done faster.
    3. Inbuilt templates for ease of use.
    4. Real-time collaboration and organizational tools.
    5. Extensive integration capabilities.

    Five benefits:

    1. Rich interactivity and flexibility for data manipulation.
    2. Easy-to-use interface for non-technical users.
    3. Seamless collaboration with its shareable database features.
    4. An array of templates and integrations to streamline work.
    5. Allows for user customization, enhancing the user experience.

    Best for: Organizations in need of a flexible, collaborative tool for project management, inventory tracking, CRM, and more.

    8. Ninox

    ninox low code platform for sme business processes as alternative to microsoft access

    Ninox is a cloud-based data collaboration and database automation solution for SMEs. It offers user-friendly interfaces, unlimited customization options, and powerful functionality, all of which make it a capable alternative to Microsoft Access.

    Why it made the list:

    1. Ninox provides a more friendly user interface than MS Access, making it easier for businesses to manage data.
    2. It allows users to create custom dashboards to visualize data, making it easier to obtain insights.

    Top 5 features:

    1. Powerful customization options with a simple interface.
    2. Custom reports and charts to translate data into business insights.
    3. Automation tools to streamline workflow.
    4. Allows for seamless data importing from various other platforms.
    5. Cross-platform synchronization for easy access.

    Five benefits:

    1. Easy to learn and use without having technical expertise.
    2. Allows for seamless data integration and synchronization.
    3. Powerful automation tools to improve business workflow.
    4. Customizable reports to make data interpretation straightforward.
    5. Adaptable and scalable to meet the growing needs of businesses.

    Best for: Businesses that wish to automate their workflow with a solution that's scalable and easy to use.

    9. Scaleway

    scaleway cloud based database solution provider

    Scaleway offers a range of cloud services for businesses and is aimed at delivering a scalable, flexible, and robust database solution. It positions itself as a competitor to Microsoft Access because of its extensive and unique feature set.

    Why it made the list:

    1. Scaleway's compatibility and smooth integration with most platforms make it a worthy alternative.
    2. Offers data hosting, making it quite versatile.

    Top 5 features:

    1. Multiple data storage options.
    2. Compatibility with various programming languages.
    3. Robust security measures.
    4. Scalable for any size team.
    5. Competitive pricing plans.

    Five benefits:

    1. Varied data storage options offer flexibility.
    2. Compatibility with many languages maximizes usability.
    3. Robust security ensures your data is safe and risk mitigated.
    4. Scalability ensures it can grow with your business over time.
    5. Its competitive pricing makes it affordable, especially for small businesses.

    Best for: Businesses that value flexibility, have a heavily cloud-focused IT strategy, and are also capable of managing a somewhat complex infrastructure.

    10. Google Sheets

    google sheets a spreadsheet tool for collaboration and data management as microsoft access alternative

    Google Sheets, part of Google Workspace, is more than just a spreadsheet tool. It provides an excellent collaborative environment for managing data, making it an appealing alternative to Microsoft Access.

    Why it made the list:

    1. Serves as a part of Google Workspace, offering seamless integration with other Google apps.
    2. Offers easy online sharing and collaboration, perfect for remote teams.

    Top 5 features:

    1. Collaborate in real-time from anywhere, using any device.
    2. Use Smart Fill features and formula suggestions to reduce errors and get faster insights.
    3. Connects seamlessly with other Google apps.
    4. Import Excel sheets to edit and customize databases on a web-based platform.
    5. Offers pivot tables for advanced database management.

    Five benefits:

    1. Real-time collaboration enhances team efficiency.
    2. Google's AI-assisted features expedite work and minimize errors.
    3. Seamless integration with other Google apps improves functionality.
    4. Converts Microsoft Excel databases into a more collaborative and accessible form.
    5. Simplifies database management with pivot tables.

    Best for: Individuals, teams, and businesses of all sizes, especially those already in the Google ecosystem, looking for an intuitive and collaborative way to manage databases.

    What to Look For When Choosing Alternatives to Online Access

    What to Look For When Choosing a Replacement for Microsoft Access

    When looking for a replacement for Microsoft Access, do not rush your decision and carefully consider the following factors:

    1. Ease of Use: Choose software that is both intuitive and user-friendly. Your team members deserve a system that aids productivity rather than hinders it.
    2. Cost-effectiveness: Zero in on an option that suits your budget. Get the best value for your finances, expensive doesn't always mean better.
    3. Cross-platform Compatibility: Make sure it operates across all your devices whether they run on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, or via a web browser.
    4. Integrations: The chosen software should easily integrate with your existing apps to streamline your operations and make your work more manageable.
    5. Functionality: Ensure it comes with features valuable to your business, like workflow automation, data visualization tools, spreadsheet templates, and more.
    6. Scalability: Pick software that will adapt to your business growth. A system that works well now must also work effectively when your operations double or even triple.

    The best choice differs based on individual needs and business demands. Be sure about what you require from an alternative before making any decision.

    Create a Better MS Access Alternative with Kohezion

    image cta Create a Better MS Access Alternative with kohezion

    While Microsoft Access served as a stalwart in the world of database management for years, it’s clear that several promising alternatives have emerged that address its drawbacks and offer their own unique strengths.
    In this mix, Kohezion particularly stands out. As a highly customizable and affordable database solution, it does not require a steep learning curve or coding skills, making it ideal for any business size. Plus, as a cloud-based offering, Kohezion gives you the flexibility to streamline your data management from anywhere, anytime.
    Whether you're an individual, a small team, or a growing business, embracing solutions like Kohezion can significantly simplify your data management tasks, promote collaboration, and effectively meet your unique operational needs.

    The best alternative is the one that fits your needs, fuels your growth, and delivers the right balance of functionality, intuitiveness, and affordability for you.

    Overall: I was asked to create a relational database for a client. They needed to create and edit clients, the needed to book clients on to training sessions, and then they needed to be able to assign one or more products to the client. Not only was this possible with Kohezion, but as a previous relational database programmer, I initially created linked tables which wasn't needed - thanks to the power of the Kohezion platform. It has made the development process so much easier.

    Pros: I was looking for a cloud based database creation solution - I've previously been a Microsoft Access programmer and I needed to find a suitable solution for one of my clients. I had a look at a few different options and then, thankfully, I came across Kohezion. It is absolutely perfect for me to create a database solution for my client using this platform. I had a few questions, and Thierry, the Customer Solutions Director was able to assist within 24 hours. Not only did he answer them fully, he also showed me some simplified workflows, so that I could build a much superior solution for my client.

    Cons: I've yet to find any cons. Anything that I initially struggled with was answered in full by Thierry.

    Colin M.

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