Your transition from excel was never easier than with Kohezion. Experience seamlessly import of your excel database into our dynamic low-code platform.

Migrating from Excel  

Building applications is as simple as uploading your Excel or CSV files to Kohezion and making customizations to meet your desired data architecture. Whether you have a few spreadsheets to import, or many, the migration process is quick and easy. It doesn’t have to stop after the initial data migration, Kohezion users can upload or download new data from/to Excel or CSV files on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis using our Excel Migration Tool.

Any business that stores their data in Excel can take advantage of this feature, but often times businesses experiencing rapid growth or requiring additional security and encryption migrate their data to a platform like Kohezion. Symphony Application Specialists was experiencing significant growth when they migrated their Excel data to Kohezion, bringing them into better HIPAA compliance.


Who can benefit from our Excel Migration Tool? 

  • Anyone who has been using excel as a database.
  • Includes companies, government agencies, and more
  • Especially useful for companies that have used excel extensively and for a long time.

Excel Migration Tool Highlights

Our Excel Migration Tool was made to make your life easier and your transition out of excel simpler.

  • Create custom applications by migrating your data from Excel 
  • Import data from Excel into your existing applications on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Sync data in your application using an Excel file 
  • Import and link new records from Excel 
  • Export your data to Excel or create custom CSV exports
  • Export multiple search groups to Excel  

Try Kohezion for Free

Embrace low-code application development by bringing all of your data onto our platform. Kohezion empowers you to build a feature-rich custom online database application fast.


Internal chat channels for secure collaboration - HIPAA compliant online forms - Dynamic PDFs - Simple Excel migration and download - Integrations with other software systems - Custom applications and workflows - Data-Based Searches - Secure Share and Subscribe to records - Smart pivot table - Automation - Reporting and more ...

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