Collaboration Tools that adapt to You

Achieve your goals quicker, and collaborate without ever leaving Kohezion.


Remote and hybrid teams can work seamlessly with Kohezion’s collaboration tools.

Kohezion's Collaboration Tools Feature

Collaboration tools allow teams to work more efficiently and effectively towards a common goal. They also facilitate idea sharing, communication, and overall cooperation. With collaboration tools, teams can easily increase productivity, without being in the same location.

Notification Center

Within the notification center there are two types of notifications you can receive; when a record is assigned, or a record is changed. Custom notification events can also be implemented.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast to other users from within the notification center to make them aware of important deadlines or dates coming up.

Chat Channels

Create channels with teammates who are working on the same project for simple collaboration. This is particularly valuable when working on confidential data projects.


Create reminders and assign them to teammates to ensure you never miss important dates.


Who could benefit from collaboration tools? 

  • Any organization that has team members working on the same project
  • Organizations with multiple departments collaborating on a project
  • An organization that is required to use a high-security network to limit user access and collaboration on specific data e.g. a HIPAA-covered entity

Organizations that use Kohezion’s Collaboration Tools

  • HIPAA covered entities such as medical insurance companies
  • Government departments monitoring public health data
  • Financial services, such as private lenders working together on behalf of specific clients 
  • Sales teams looking to meet deliverables before the end of the quarter

Collaboration Tools Highlights

Our collaboration tools feature will have your teams communicating with ease. Receive project notifications, broadcast messages, and create chat channels with teammates from within Kohezion.

Manage an entire project and communicate directly from within Kohezion

Create a search from within the notification center to easily access important information

Create chat channels for specific projects and define user groups

Make changes or updates to records from within the notification center 

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