Securely collect PHI by creating HIPAA compliant online forms with Kohezion. Link your online forms to individual records within your database, and centralize all of your data in one location. 

Highly Secure Online Forms

Our highly secure online form allows healthcare organizations and other covered entities to securely collect important health information (PHI) from patients while being HIPAA Compliant. Aside from the forms being encrypted, both the HIPAA-covered entity and the web-form service provider must sign a business associate agreement (BAA) to collect patient data legally. HIPAA compliant online forms provide a safe way to transmit sensitive information within an authorized network of people.

HIPAA Compliant Online Form

Who uses HIPAA Compliant Online Forms? 

  • Healthcare providers such as doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, and chiropractors 
  • Health insurance companies such as Medicaid 
  • Hospitals and larger clinics or treatment facilities
  • Business Associates like software vendors or web-form service providers 

What Kind of Information can be Collected in our highly secure HIPAA-Compliant Online Form?

As the shift toward medical record digitization continues, the preferred way of collecting protected health information is through online forms. There are many different types of information that can be collected using secure online forms, such as surveys or onboarding documents.  

Examples of HIPAA Compliant Online Forms: 

  • New Patient Intake Form
  • Research Participant Consent Form 
  • Telehealth Consent Form
  • Medical History Form
  • Hospital Discharge Form

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