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Make informed business decisions using visualization tools to summarize large quantities of data, understand trends, and predict future outcomes. Be proactive, save time, and measure your KPIs in real-time.

Data Visualization Tools

Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are a great example of a data visualization tool. They aggregate and categorize large quantities of data, providing valuable statistical insight. Kohezion’s pivot table is easy to use, allowing you to drag and drop data points, and customize visual elements. For example, get sums and averages from your data and export them to Excel.

Although any business can benefit from data analysis and visualization, the financial services sector leverages Kohezion’s pivot table for strategic planning. Comparing the number of hours billed monthly, quarterly, or annually with a growing client base brings excellent value to this sector. Aside from being a great visual analysis tool, pivot tables also allow teams to securely collaborate on projects by sharing their pivot table in Kohezion’s dashboard.

Pivot Table Features

  • Aggregate large quantities of data
  • Insert custom formulas and calculations within your pivot table ( Example: ("Sum(Order_Count)" + "Sum(In_Stock) )
  • Customize formatting (make data fields and text appear in different colors)
  • Share pivot table in the dashboard with other users
  • Dynamically drag-and-drop data points
  • Filter the search, data, and fields in the pivot table as you see fit
    Group your data points ( month, quarter, year )
  • Conditional formatting ( example: display in red if greater than 100 )
  • Number formatting ( number, currency, etc )
  • Export pivot table to a PDF, Excel, or CSV’
Pivot Table Example

Charts & Graphs

Kohezion offers a wide range of charting options to suit all needs.








Step Area

Stacking Column

Stacking Area

Stacking Bar

Step Line





Spline Area

100% Stacking Column

100% Stacking Bar

100% Stacking Area




When you are happy with the final product, export your chart to PDF or one of the following image formats: PNG, JPEG, SVG.

Bar Chart

Bar Chart in Data Visualization

Pie Chart

Pie chart in data visualization

Line Chart

line chart in data visualization

Calculations & Summarizations

This tool allows you for a wide range of calculations and summarization of your data.

  • Sum
  • Count
  • Distinct Count
  • Product
  • Min
  • Max
  • Average
  • Median
  • Index
  • Population Var
  • Sample Var
  • Population StDev
  • Sample StDev
  • Running Totals
  • % of Grand Total
  • % of Column Total
  • % of Row Total
  • % of Parent Column Total
  • % of Parent Row Total

Geo Mapping Visualization

Data Visualization

Who Uses Data Visualization Tools?

Really anyone in a given organization can benefit from this tool. The departments we tend to see using this tool more often are:

● Medical/healthcare
● Research
● Sales
● Marketing
● Customer Service
● IT

What Type of Data can be Visualized?

Pivot tables can be created with any type of structured data. Gain insight into your data quickly and easily.

Here are a few examples:

● Total hours billed in a month
● Number of appointments booked quarterly
● Breakdown of patients by age, gender, geography
● Experiments carried out compared to the previous month
● PPE inventory in stock broken down by type (masks, gloves, safety glasses etc.)

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