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Custom Enterprise Software Application in
8 Weeks Guaranteed


Your Custom Enterprise No-Code Consultants

How does it work?

Kohezion Online Database Software

We will discuss your project and explain all the options that Kohezion offers. Your requirements will be analyzed and a solution will be submitted for your approval.

Our team of application specialists have been creating custom applications with no-code for over a decade. Do you have very specific and out of the box requirements? Couldn't find the solution before? We'll decide which application to build in 8 weeks and agree on the terms.

In order to become a Kohezion expert, your team will receive two hours of training. One hour to show you how to use Kohezion to its full potential and one hour to explain how to administer your account. We will also answer all questions you may have.

Custom Enterprise Application Developed

in 8 weeks

Turnkey solution

Simple & Powerful

Simplicity is the heart of product adoption. Our tool helps you launch applications with ease while providing an easy-to-understand interface to the end-user all while adjusting to your budget and needs.

Your Outsourced CIO Advisory

Kohezion’s multidisciplinary team helps you at every step of the development lifecycle. Let us automate your business processes and leave outdated legacy solutions behind. Our team is ready to create a vertically integrated software solution to support your business growth.

With our Turnkey solution, you can make that leap much faster. Your idea comes to reality quicker and the automation you were looking for is ready to go.

Kohezion Database Software Development Team


Kohezion is built on scalable server architecture, enabling you to scale usage as you grow.


Kohezion eliminates the need for expensive programmers, empowering users to independently make changes to their system over time to accommodate agility.


Kohezion has helped build over 1000 unique applications. Benefit from this know-how whenever you need it.

Low Maintenance

Kohezion is a low-code database application builder, making it easily maintainable by contributors inside your organization.

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