The Best Database Management Software for Small Businesses of 2018

  • Fact: Choosing the best online database software plays a critical role in the success (or downfall) of small businesses
  • With so many inexpensive options, it can become difficult to decide which one to opt for but a close scrutiny of user pricing, storage pricing, ease of use, 

The time has come when the success of a business depends on its ability to take advantage of modern technology. And, the most critical part of any business’ technology setup is, of course, the data storage system or, more specifically, the latest version of it. In this case, it is the online database management software solutions.

That’s right; more and more businesses are making the move to cloud computing. Amongst them, there is a rising number of small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) that are even taking it a step further by choosing to design their own online databases and connect to them with their own customized applications using database management software.

In this article, we will have a look at the best database management software solutions of 2018, and why they have been selected as the best choice for small businesses.

One thing we need to always remember, though, is that rank and popularity of online database management software can change regularly. This means it is important to keep an eye on which ones are performing well, and which ones have slipped down the list.

It is with this in mind that we bring to you the best online database software solutions of 2018… so far.

The best online database management software
solutions for small businesses

The best online dbase software solutions for 2018


The guys at Knack pride themselves in being a “100% remote company” that is wholly based on the Internet. This makes them an ideal company to offer online database software as no one can argue that they don’t understand the challenges of having to store and retrieve data from the cloud.

Knack’s motto promises their clients will be able to “ignite” their data, “automate workflows,” and create “rich data-driven” web apps. Judging from their website, they appear to deliver on that promise.

Features that stand out

  • This company’s product is intended for companies that lie in the larger, medium-to-large range
  • Clients can create applications and databases with ease – yet those that find it to be a bit of a challenge, they have ready-to-use templates
  • The fact that Knack supports over 15 languages makes it a popular product across the ocean in Europe too
  • SMBs can create a number of applications with add-ons like calendars, searches, and maps that allow for a better utilization of stored data. Small businesses, however, are limited with the number of database-driven, productivity-enhancing apps they can create here at the lower pricing plans which is unfortunate.
  • Apps that are created with Knack can be further enhanced due to their ability to integrate with popular services like Google Docs, Box and Dropbox.
  • Knack users can get their hands dirty and tinker beneath the hood to directly access raw data and manipulate it using tools like JavaScript and jQuery


Strict storage size limitations (which increase rapidly when attaching documents) and costs to increase, and restrictions in the number of apps that users can create at the lower pricing plans (otherwise perfect for small businesses). The whole point of web application platforms is to take advantage of the application development side of things in order to automate manual, repetitive tasks so this is a definite limitation of the platform.

Finally, the customization of your apps is definitely possible, however, complaints are abundant that they won’t necessarily look great. Customizing the look and feel of the apps is important for small businesses where it’s non-IT staff using the application, so this is something to consider.


Knack pricing

Knack pricing’s approach has multiple limitations at the lower level Starter and Pro plans


Spreadsheet chaos can only be brought under control with the help of an online database software that is both easy to pick up by managers and team leaders (who require information but don’t have the technical know-how to get it) as well as being powerful enough to drill deep into a database to extract the exact, required information in the shortest amount of time. Kohezion has managed to fulfil all of these requirements and even more.

Kohezion is an online database software solution that tops this list because of three main reasons:

  • The ease with which non-developers and business owners can build the database they need
  • The powerful capabilities of the time-saving database apps that can be created using this platform
  • The affordable pricing plans which are not out of hand for small business owners, nor are the file storage costs (standard industry pricing)
  • Their customer service is top notch as rated by their users

This web-based database management software platform comes from a company that has managed to become a leader in the Database Management Software category accordingly to their listing on the software review site, Capterra.

Reviews of Kohezion on

5-star reviews of Kohezion under the ‘Database Management Software’ category on

Features that stand out

  • It targets the “Average Joe” small business employee with no coding skills – with an in-depth knowledge in their fields, but a lesser knowledge in IT – in that it allows for the creation of data storage solutions that are scalable and robust by a non-technical person
  • SMBs that want to fully outsource the job to a product who can build it all for them at a fraction of the price of other custom developers, or professional services teams of competitors
  • Kohezion makes it easy to connect to third-party services like Dropbox, Google and Box..
  • The basic package includes the creation of an unlimited number of custom business applications! Which means small businesses really can make their database work for them, and take advantage of workflow automations that can eliminate mundane, repetitive tasks typical of all small businesses.
  • The database software solution consistently gets high ratings and excellent reviews from happy customers – a large and diverse client-base bear testimony to Kohezion’s commitment to quality services in a wide business field
  • Pricing plans so fair that small businesses can operate for under $25 a month for up to 5 users – including an unlimited number of custom web applications


For those organisations that have IT requirements whereby investments must be made in on-premise solutions, Kohezion is not going to be suitable. This is most likely an issue only for the larger enterprises, however.


The keyword this company likes to focus on is “no-code.” They take pride in the fact that their product can be used with a zero amount of coding required. All this is while still being able to hold its own against the other leaders in the online database software solutions market.

With a broader feature set, and extended developer functionality, QuickBase is targeted to the enterprise customer who has a willingness to invest in external, QuickBase qualified contractor resources to help them with their build, customization and on-going development support as they grow.

Features that stand out

  • QuickBase has won numerous awards including being top-rated by Large Enterprises for having a low-code software
  • The applications that are developed using this platform can play a critical role in improving the major processes in an SMB, including HCM (Human Capital Management), Asset Management, and Customer Services – it can go toe-to-toe with the biggest ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software packages on the market today
  • Extensive customization is possible if you have advanced programming knowledge (or you can leverage 3rd party developers)
  • Reviewers comment on how easy it is to make custom reports and save these reports in a spreadsheet format
  • It supports a full API for integration to virtually any other application which for larger enterprises, is very important due to the number of business applications that may have grown organically across company locations
  • For SMBs that seek to target only mobile users, there is the option to create apps that are specific to the smaller-screened gadgets – both for iOS and Android operating systems


QuickBase has a lot of potential and power, but is a steep investment for a small business. Some features will also require paying a higher price each month which online reviewers have commented on as something to watch. Customer support is limited too however that is balanced by the extensive network of QuickBase ‘certified’ developers in their network that are available to hire if something breaks, or you don’t have the internal support to make the changes.

The verdict is… the best database management software for small businesses in 2018 is..

As we have just seen, by comparing three of the most popular Database Management Software solutions, there is really only one choice to make if you are a small business: Kohezion!

The top reasons that award it as the best database management software solution choice for small businesses for the year 2018 – include:

  • The affordability factor – pricing is transparent and gives small businesses confidence that pricing creep won’t happen as their document storage amounts increase as their company grows, nor as they require more apps
  • It’s ease of use for non-technical staff. Anyone that has used Excel or Google Sheets, can do even more with Kohezion
  • Kohezion takes customer service a step further by offering their own experts to help with the designing of their clients’ applications and databases
  • The value-for-money ratio is worth it and a lot more – Kohezion’s prices beat the competitions’ by far
  • Small businesses can try it out for free and give it a good kick at the can

But, the most important reason small businesses should invest in Kohezion – the best online database management software solution of 2018 – is that its’ customers say it’s the best one available and give it 5 out of 5 stars overall.

'Kohezion is hands down, the best database you can buy' said Garrett D, CEO, Healthcare Facility, on

‘[Kohezion is] Hands down, the best database you can buy’ said Garrett D, CEO, Healthcare Facility, on

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