What is Data Fabric?

An architecture that seamlessly integrates and connects data from various sources (both within and outside an organization) is known under the name data fabric. Regardless of its location or format, it provides a unified and consistent view of data.

  • Data fabric serves as a foundation for organizations to harness the power of data and make informed decisions. With this “foundation,” data silos can be broken down when creating a holistic view of data assets. Data are integrated from different systems, apps, and sources.
  • Data fabric enhances the agility and flexibility of businesses. It enables real-time data access and analysis, which comes in handy when changing market conditions and customer demands. With data fabric, you can streamline operations while optimizing processes and improving the overall efficiency of your business at the same time.
  • Data Fabric ensures data security and compliance. As a centralized control and governance framework, it allows organizations to manage data access, privacy, and security policies effectively, which is crucial in today's data-driven landscape.
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