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Custom CRM saves Senior Insurance Solutions
$46,000 in Annual Database Costs

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Jim Mall, the founder of Senior Insurance Solutions, helps low-income seniors find the most affordable insurance. With insurance agencies, a dime a dozen today, the firm prides itself on its customer experience and sees its 24/7 service and exceptional personal care as the firm’s competitive differentiator in the crowded insurance industry.

This commitment to customer experience has helped Senior Insurance Solutions to grow successfully today to a base of over 80 agents serving 20,000+ clients. Not surprisingly, the business has evolved in its 30 years of operation. Digital transformation was inevitable if the firm continued to grow while exceeding client expectations, and migrating its client and agent management system into the cloud made sense.

For this Kansas-based insurance company, whatever digital transformation was to take place needed to be simple, easy to administer, and overseen by a partner they could trust for the expertise was not in-house. The firm needed a database to handle unique insurance client relationships and extensive associated documentation. This CRM would also be used to manage the administrative and training records of the agent workforce.

Out-of-the-box solutions either offered too much or required an unaffordable level of customization. With a simple web search, the founder signed up for a free trial of Kohezion. Within 10 business days of an inked subscription, Jim was up and running with a custom client and agent database and a series of automated workflows that solved his database challenges

" Because of Kohezion, we are capable of delivering a highly personalized service - even when in our car, not to mention having eliminated $46,000 in annual database software costs."
- Jim Mall, Founder | Senior Insurance Solutions



  • Agents were mobile and needed access to client data across devices
  • Insurance documentation was voluminous, and needed affordable storage
  • Insurance industry regulation and compliance were top of mind
  • Updating records with scanned documentation was time-consuming
  • Two separate databases were being maintained (clients, agents)

With agents continuously on the road, and office staff updating records with new information and insurance documentation and attachments, access to real-time client data was imperative. It was important to Jim that his agents also be fully informed about the client and never caught off guard by a conversation - particularly on topics that could be pretty emotional for clients.

As the business grew, it became apparent that a basic spreadsheet was no longer scalable for effective client and agent management. Jim did his research and started working with a workflow automation and management software vendor, who helped SIS bring their databases online. Over time, it became apparent that the fit with this vendor was no longer there. The incumbent vendor contacted Jim about upcoming platform updates which necessitated an increase in prices and a change in payment structure. The cost of doing business with this software company was going to increase 11x. It was time to switch vendors.

" I looked at and other CRMs, and while they’re powerful, I felt like they were charging me for more features I’d ever use. Kohezion’s price point and feature set was bang on – and their support staff continues to surprise me with new features that help me automate my work."
- Jim Mall, Founder | Senior Insurance Solutions


With the help of Kohezion, all agents now have access to their client information and insurance documentation, on the go. For Jim, not having to log into a separate database instance to manage clients and his agents has made his work far more efficient and easier too.

Jim engaged the Professional Services team at Kohezion to manage the migration of the two existing databases, and to build a customized database instance. It met the nuances of an insurance client-agent relationship, while also helping ensure they were being industry compliant. Within days, the custom database was created and ready for training. A series of one-on-one training with agents and video support material assisted with the rollout and adoption of the tool.

  • Single database with tracking of 4500+ new clients per year, alongside record-based user-rights managed agent data.
  • Mobile-based client records and file attachments that speed up
    insurance quoting processes.
  • Sales activities that can be tracked and measured from a central application.
  • Appropriate user access/view/edit rights at the record level

" ... We changed to Kohezion primarily because of Thierry. He was incredibly responsive, took the time to understand what we needed and where our database currently stood, and made the transition much less stressful. Not only do we now have client data at our fingertips, but we have consolidated our databases into a single, source of truth for managing my agents too."
- Jim Mall, Founder | Senior Insurance Solutions


By switching to Kohezion from the incumbent workflow software, Jim had peace of mind that his valuable data was being attended to by a company that had demonstrated the expertise, skill, and understanding that he was looking for.

A self-declared ‘computer illiterate’ business owner, Jim had sought to find a technology partner that he could rely upon to manage his database software with his best business interests in mind - just as you would your accountant, or doctor.

Kohezion has partnered with the team at Senior Insurance Solutions to ensure their database requirements are managed and addressed, for it directly impacts the delivery of an excellent client-agent interaction. Several workflow automation apps have also been created, helping Jim and executives automate repetitive, manual tasks, such as call reminders sent via email around calculated dates.

  • $46,000/year savings of redundant software and document storage fees
  • Online document storage at industry-standard prices
  • Highly personalized customer interactions on any device
    Greater customer satisfaction
  • Real-time visibility into agent performance and customer
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