Case Study: Nexus Private Capital

Client Background

The client is an investment fund that specializes in providing loans to small real estate investors. As their business scaled up, they encountered difficulties with data management, workflow efficiency, and error reduction using traditional methods like Excel.


Before implementing Kohezion, the client relied heavily on manual processes and spreadsheet-based systems to manage loan origination, underwriting, and borrower communication. "The manual processes and spreadsheet-based systems were becoming increasingly inefficient and error-prone," noted the client, reflecting on their challenges before Kohezion. Here are the challenges Nexus had:

  • Data Management: Managing large volumes of borrower information, financial statements, tax returns, and other documents became increasingly difficult as loan volume grew.
  • Workflow Efficiency: Manual processes for collecting borrower information, underwriting, and generating necessary documents led to inefficiencies and increased the risk of errors.
  • Error Reduction: Human error in data entry and document handling posed significant risks, especially as the business scaled up.

Challenges Before Kohezion


When Nexus found themselves struggling with the challenge of managing their expanding data across multiple departments, they turned to Kohezion for a practical solution. Nexus needed a database system that was not only powerful but also easy for every member of their team to use - from the tech-savvy IT staff to the marketing team less familiar with database management. Kohezion allowed them to:

  1. Centralize Data: All borrower information, financial documents, and loan details were centralized in Kohezion, eliminating the need for multiple Excel spreadsheets and disparate systems.
  2. Automate Workflows: Kohezion automated various workflows, including loan origination, underwriting, document management, and communication with borrowers and investors.
  3. Error Reduction: Kohezion significantly reduced the risk of human error by automating data entry and document handling, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

Scalability: The scalability of Kohezion allowed the client to manage their growing loan portfolio and investor base without the need for additional staff, reducing operational costs.

Solution Implemented


  1. Data Management Efficiency: Kohezion allowed the client to centralize all their data, including borrower information, financial documents, and loan details, in one secure location. This streamlined data management process significantly reduced the risk of errors associated with manual data entry and file management.
  2. Security: Handling sensitive information is always a top concern, and Kohezion's robust security features provided the assurance that their data was well-protected. This was a significant selling point for Nexus, considering the risks of managing data on local computers.
  3. Scalability: As the client's loan volume increased, Kohezion provided the scalability needed to accommodate their growing business. The scalability of Kohezion allowed the client to manage their growing loan portfolio and investor base without the need for additional staff, reducing operational costs.
  4. Error Reduction: Kohezion significantly reduced the risk of human error by automating data entry and document handling. This error reduction is particularly important in loan management, where data accuracy and integrity are paramount.
  5. Cloud-Based: Perhaps one of the most appreciated features was the accessibility provided by Kohezion's cloud-based system. Nexus has offices in Arizona and additional remote workers. With Kohezion, employees could access information while on vacation or working remotely, as long as they had internet connectivity. This level of accessibility ensured that business operations remained fluid, regardless of the team's location.
  6. Ease of Adoption: The transition to Kohezion's cloud-based system was smooth, causing minimal disruption to Nexus's day-to-day operations. Unlike traditional database management systems that require extensive training and technical expertise, Kohezion's user-friendly interface allowed the client to bring all departments up to speed, ensuring they could use the system effectively without a steep learning curve.
  7. Customization and Flexibility: Kohezion's flexibility allowed the client to tailor the platform to their business needs. The ability to customize workflows, forms, and reports ensured that Kohezion seamlessly integrated into their existing processes, rather than making them adapt to a rigid system.
  8. Responsive Support: The client received exceptional support from the Kohezion team throughout the implementation process. From initial setup to ongoing customization and optimization, Kohezion's responsive support ensured that the client's needs were met quickly and efficiently.

Key Benefits of Kohezion


Since implementing Kohezion, the client has experienced a significant improvement in operational efficiency, data accuracy, and business performance.


 the client reported.

Nexus continues to leverage Kohezion to optimize their business operations further. They are exploring additional features and functionalities to improve their workflow automation, data analytics, and reporting capabilities. With Kohezion's ongoing support and flexibility, Nexus is well-positioned to achieve continued growth and success in the competitive real estate investment market.

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