Succession Planning Software

Kohezion’s Succession Planning Software enables your organization to identify and develop future leaders within your existing workforce, ensuring business continuity, and reducing transition risks. This is the only software solution you will need for effective succession planning.

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What is Succession Planning Software?

Kohezion's succession planning software is designed to help organizations harness their internal talent and develop future leaders to ensure smooth leadership transitions. This software is part of Kohezion's broader suite of no-code business application tools that can be used across various departments and industries. The succession planning tool specifically allows companies to evaluate employee performance, skills, and leadership potential to create targeted development plans, a key aspect of succession management.

Succession Planning Software Features

Talent Identification

Helps identify high-potential employees based on various criteria like performance, skills, and leadership abilities, essential for human capital management.

Succession Planning

Facilitates the creation of succession plans for key roles within the organization, ensuring that there are suitable candidates ready to step into those positions when needed.

Development Planning

Provides tools for creating personalized development plans for employees identified as potential successors.

Performance Management

Integrates with performance management systems to track the progress of employees and assess their readiness for advancement.

Data Analytics

Offers reporting and analytics capabilities to track succession metrics, such as talent pipeline strength, succession readiness, and potential risk areas.

Collaboration and Communication

Enables managers and HR professionals to collaborate on succession planning efforts and communicate with employees.

Skill Gaps Analysis

Assesses the skills and competencies of potential successors and identifies areas where additional development or training may be needed.

Knowledge Transfer

Aids in transferring critical knowledge and skills from outgoing leaders to their successors.

How to Use Succession Planning Software:

Set Up Employee Profiles

Identify Key Positions

Evaluate Talen

Create Talent Pools

Development Planning

Succession Risk Analysis

Monitor and Update

Reporting and Analytics


Succession Planning Software is Designed For:

HR Professionals and Talent Managers
Organizational Leaders and Executives
Managers and Supervisors
Insurance Agencies

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