Innovation Management Software

Foster a culture of innovation in your organization with the right tools. Our Innovation Management Software is designed to streamline the ideation process, encourage collaboration, and turn groundbreaking ideas into actionable projects.

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What is Innovation Management Software

Kohezion's Innovation Management Software helps facilitate the collection, development, and implementation of innovative ideas within your organization. It provides tools for idea submission, collaborative brainstorming, and project tracking, all within a user-friendly interface. The software includes features for voting on ideas, allocating resources, and tracking the progress of innovation projects. Ideal for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve, it encourages continuous innovation by harnessing the collective creativity of employees, resulting in a dynamic, forward-thinking work environment.

Highlights of Innovation Management Software

Beyond just managing ideas, Kohezion acts as a catalyst for strategic innovation and organizational growth. It offers analytics and insights into innovation trends, helping leaders make informed decisions about which projects to pursue. The platform's scalability and customization options make it suitable for a variety of industries, ensuring that any organization can cultivate a strong innovation pipeline.

Innovation Management Software Modules

Idea Capture and Submission
Idea Evaluation and Scoring
Collaboration and Crowdsourcing
Idea Tracking and Progress

Key Features of Innovation Management Software

  1. Allows employees to easily submit and manage their innovative ideas.
  2. Facilitates collaborative brainstorming sessions and discussion forums.
  3. Enables efficient allocation of resources to promising innovation projects.
  4. Tracks the progress of innovation projects from conception to implementation.
  5. Provides analytics on the impact and effectiveness of innovation initiatives.
  6. Offers customizable workflows to suit the unique innovation process of your organization.

Innovation Management Software Modules

Innovation Management Software

How to use Innovation Management Software

  1. Idea Submission and Collection
    • Enable employees, customers, and other stakeholders to submit and share innovative ideas in a structured format in the 'Idea Submission' module.
  2. Collaborative Idea Development
    • Facilitate collaboration on ideas, allowing users to comment, vote, and refine concepts collaboratively in the 'Idea Development' section.
  3. Innovation Challenges and Campaigns
    • Launch targeted innovation challenges and campaigns to address specific organizational goals or problems in the 'Challenges and Campaigns' module.
  4. Idea Evaluation and Selection
    • Evaluate and select ideas for further development based on predefined criteria and stakeholder input in the 'Idea Evaluation' module.
  5. Knowledge Base and Resource Center
    • Provide a centralized knowledge base with resources, best practices, and case studies to support innovation in the 'Knowledge Base' module.
  6. Community and Social Features
    • Build an innovation community with social features like forums, profiles, and newsfeeds in the 'Community' section. Foster a culture of innovation.
  7. Rewards and Recognition
    • Implement a rewards and recognition system to incentivize and acknowledge contributors and innovators in the 'Rewards' module.

Innovation Management Software is Designed For:

Innovation Managers
R&D Teams
Product Managers
Research Scientists
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