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Revolutionize healthcare delivery with our Hospital Management Software, designed to optimize hospital operations, hospital inventory management, contract management, facility, asset management and much more. With the goal to enhance patient care.

Patient Management Module
Clinical Management Module
HR, Facilities, Inventory, etc
health records management

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A 100% HIPAA Compliant Master System for Your Service and Operational Needs.

Streamline clinical workflows, administrative tasks, and patient management with our all-in-one solution.

Hospital Management Software Modules

Patient Management Module

The Patient Management Module is a cornerstone of hospital management, streamlining patient interactions from registration to discharge. It enhances patient experience by efficiently managing medical records, bed assignments, and scheduling, ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated patient journey through the healthcare system.

patient management module
clinical management module

Clinical Management Module

The Clinical Management Module is an integral part of modern healthcare, offering robust support for clinical decision-making. It integrates electronic health records, lab and pharmacy management, and radiology systems, facilitating a seamless flow of critical information across various clinical departments to optimize patient care.

Facility Management Module

The Facility Management Module is essential for maintaining an optimal hospital environment, focusing on the meticulous management of facilities and assets. It ensures compliance with safety standards, efficient utility use, and regular maintenance, all contributing to a safe, sustainable, and well-functioning healthcare setting.

facility management module
pre-defined modules in hospital management software

Have Unique Needs?

There are many other pre-defined modules like Hospital asset management, hospital facility & bed management, contract management and much more. But if you have unique needs or you've tried software that didn't meet your specific processes and workflows, it's very likely possible in Kohezion. Just let us know more about your needs and we'll share how this can be implemented.

Custom Hospital Management Software Capabilities

Patient Management

Manage patient registration, maintain comprehensive medical records, keep track of patient treatments, and appointments.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Maintain and access all patient electronic health records for ensured data accuracy and real-time updates.

Appointment Scheduling

Manage patient appointments across various departments for optimized doctor and facility availability.

Medical Billing and Insurance

Handle billing, insurance claims, and financial transactions in one place for accurate and efficient billing processes.

clinical management module
patient management module
pre-defined modules in hospital management software
facility management module

Custom Hospital Management Software is Designed For:

Hospital Administrators
Health Information Managers
Hospital CIOs
Medical Records Managers

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What is Next?

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