360 Feedback Software

Transform your employee feedback process with our 360 Feedback Software, designed to facilitate comprehensive and constructive performance evaluations. We'll help you to empower your team with insightful, multi-source feedback for professional growth and development.

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What is 360 Feedback Software

Our 360 Feedback Software offers an all-encompassing solution for gathering and analyzing feedback from multiple sources, including peers, managers, subordinates, and even customers. It's designed to provide a holistic view of an individual's performance, strengths, and areas for improvement. The software features customizable survey templates, anonymous feedback options, and advanced reporting capabilities. Ideal for organizations seeking to foster a culture of continuous learning and development, it promotes open communication and aids in the formulation of targeted development plans.

Highlights of 360 Feedback Software

Beyond traditional performance reviews, our software is a tool for driving organizational change and employee engagement. It enables employees to gain a well-rounded understanding of their performance, encouraging self-awareness and personal development.

360 Feedback Software Modules

Survey Design and Configuration
Participant Management
360 Feedback Collection
Feedback Reporting

360 Feedback Software Modules

360 Feedback Software

Key Features of 360 Feedback Software

  1. Collects feedback from various sources to give a comprehensive view of performance.
  2. Offers customizable survey templates to suit different feedback needs and goals.
  3. Ensures anonymity in feedback to promote honesty and reduce bias.
  4. Provides advanced reporting tools for detailed analysis of feedback data.
  5. Facilitates the creation of personalized development plans based on feedback.

How to use 360 Feedback Software

  • Multi-Rater Feedback Collection
    • Gather comprehensive feedback from multiple raters including peers, subordinates, and supervisors in the 'Feedback Collection' module. Facilitate a holistic view of employee performance.
  • Customizable Feedback Forms
    • Create and customize feedback forms with relevant competencies and questions in the 'Form Customization' section. Tailor forms to specific roles and organizational goals.
  • Anonymous Feedback Options
    • Ensure anonymity in feedback to encourage honest and constructive responses in the 'Anonymous Feedback' module. Foster a safe environment for genuine evaluations.
  • Automated Feedback Request and Reminders
    • Automate the process of sending feedback requests and reminders to raters in the 'Automated Requests' section. Streamline feedback collection and reduce administrative burden.
  • Aggregate and Individual Reports
    • Generate aggregate and individual reports to analyze feedback data in the 'Reporting' module. Gain insights into strengths, development areas, and trends.
  • Goal Setting and Development Plans
    • Link feedback results to goal setting and personal development plans in the 'Development Planning' section. Facilitate targeted employee growth and performance improvement.
  • Integration with HR and Talent Management Systems
    • Seamlessly integrate with HRIS and talent management systems for comprehensive talent management in the 'System Integration' module.

360 Feedback Software is Designed For:

HR Professionals
Talent Development Managers
Managers and Supervisors
Team Leaders
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