What is the difference between airtable and Kohezion and which one is a better fit for your business?

Airtable vs Kohezion: Which One Is Better for Your Business?

Airtable vs Kohezion: Which One Is Better for Your Business?

Are you looking for a database that is easy to use and has many features? Airtable and Kohezion are two of the most popular options on the market. This comparison will help you decide which one is right for your business.

What is Airtable?

1. Overview of Airtable

Airtable is a powerful and customizable database platform that offers businesses a simple and intuitive way to manage their data and workflows. With its flexible interface and wide range of features, Airtable can handle a variety of data types, including text, numbers, dates, attachments, and formulas. Users can create custom tables to fit their specific business needs, and can easily sort, filter, and group records to gain insights and identify gaps in their workflows. Airtable also offers several different views, including Calendar, Gallery, Kanban, and Form views, allowing users to visualize their data in a way that works best for them. Additionally, Airtable integrates with a variety of other apps and services, making it easy to streamline workflows and collaborate with others. Overall, Airtable is a versatile and powerful tool that can help businesses manage their data and workflows more efficiently and effectively.

What is Kohezion?

Kohezion is an online database platform that allows healthcare providers, medical researchers, and other data analysts to create their own web-based applications without coding. It is a customizable database software that can transform user data into a powerful relational database system. Unlike spreadsheets stored in local computers or manually shared by email, web apps are stable, secure, and always accessible for users wherever and whenever they need information. With Kohezion, users can easily create custom web apps, collaborate with their team, and automate day-to-day tasks. Small businesses, startups, freelancers, consultants, and professional services organizations can benefit from this modern, cost-effective solution that is responsive to today's business challenges. Kohezion is highly accessible, customizable, and affordable, providing an efficient alternative and flexible solution, especially to customers who do not have the resources or budget to hire IT specialists to provide them web-based tools and maintain them.

Differences between Airtable and Kohezion

1. Airtable vs Kohezion: Database

Airtable and Kohezion are both online database solutions that offer users the ability to create custom web-based database applications without programming. However, there are some differences in their database structures. Airtable works like a spreadsheet, allowing users to organize data into rows and columns, while Kohezion allows for more customization in terms of creating applications for clients, contacts, tasks, and schedules. Both platforms offer a variety of field types, including text, number, date, attachment, and formula fields, but Kohezion offers more customization options for these fields. In terms of ease of use, both platforms are user-friendly and accessible, but Kohezion offers more features for collaboration and sharing data with team members. Overall, Kohezion is a more robust solution for businesses looking for a custom database application with advanced customization options, while Airtable is a simpler solution for organizing and managing data in a spreadsheet-like format.

2. Airtable vs Kohezion: Integration

Airtable and Kohezion both offer integration capabilities but with some differences. Airtable provides a wide range of integrations with popular apps like Slack, Zapier, and Google Drive. These integrations are straightforward to set up and use, allowing users to easily connect their Airtable data with other apps. However, some users have reported limitations with the integration capabilities, such as the inability to integrate with certain apps or the need for manual intervention to ensure data consistency.

On the other hand, Kohezion offers a more customizable integration experience, allowing users to create their own custom integrations using APIs or webhooks. While this offers greater flexibility, it may also require more technical expertise.

3. Airtable vs Kohezion: Collaboration

Airtable and Kohezion are two cloud-based database platforms that offer unique collaboration features. Airtable works like a spreadsheet but with the power of a database. Its collaboration tools allow users to share data, tasks, and files with team members. Users can also customize access and permissions to ensure that the right person has access to the right information. Airtable's ability to link records and create custom dashboards can benefit businesses with complex workflows or projects that require multiple teams to collaborate.

On the other hand, Kohezion is a business management platform that enables users to create custom web-based database applications without programming. Its collaboration tools include the ability to share comments, link files directly from Dropbox, and view information on custom dashboards. Kohezion also allows users to automate routine tasks, centralize data from multiple sources, and generate reports automatically. This can benefit businesses that require a turnkey solution or want to improve workflows and automate day-to-day tasks.

6. Airtable vs Kohezion: Automation

Airtable and Kohezion offer robust automation capabilities that can benefit businesses seeking to streamline their processes and improve their workflows.

Airtable's automation features include the ability to create custom triggers and actions using its built-in scripting capabilities. Users can automate routine tasks by setting up rules that trigger specific actions when certain conditions are met. Airtable also allows for integration with third-party tools, such as Zapier and Integromat, to further expand its automation capabilities.

On the other hand, Kohezion's automation capabilities are centred around its drag-and-drop tools, which allow users to easily create web apps that can automate routine tasks and improve workflows. Kohezion centralizes data from multiple sources into a single platform, making it easy to automate tasks like generating reports and sending email notifications.

10. Airtable vs Kohezion: Data visualization

Airtable and Kohezion differ in terms of data visualization. Airtable offers a variety of visualizations such as bar charts, line graphs, and scatter plots. It also allows users to customize the colours, labels, and axes of the charts to fit their specific needs. Airtable also offers a gallery view that allows users to view their data in a grid format with images. On the other hand, Kohezion's data visualization features include:

  1. Powerful Charts and Graphs: From bar charts and line graphs to pie charts and scatter plots, Kohezion offers a diverse range of visual representations to suit your data needs. Visualize complex data relationships, identify trends, and communicate insights effectively. With customizable colours, labels, and data points, you can tailor your charts and graphs to align with your brand and presentation requirements.
  2. Interactive Dashboards: Create stunning interactive dashboards that provide a comprehensive overview of your data at a glance. Customize your dashboards with a variety of widgets, charts, and graphs to highlight the metrics that matter most to your business. With drag-and-drop functionality and real-time updates, you can easily monitor key performance indicators and track progress toward your goals.

Airtable vs Kohezion: Data import

Airtable and Kohezion have different processes for importing data. In Airtable, users can import data from CSV or Excel files, copy and paste from spreadsheets, or connect to other apps like Google Sheets. The platform also offers mapping options to match the imported fields with existing ones in the database. On the other hand, Kohezion allows users to import data from CSV files or from other databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server. The platform also offers a drag-and-drop tool to import data directly from Excel files.

When it comes to choosing between the two platforms, Airtable may be preferable for users who want a simpler and more intuitive import process, especially if they are not familiar with databases. Meanwhile, Kohezion may be more suitable for users who need to import data from different sources or databases, as it offers more flexibility and options for importing. Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

14. Airtable vs Kohezion: Security

Airtable and Kohezion are two online database platforms that offer different security features to help businesses protect their data. Airtable provides a variety of security measures, including encryption at rest and in transit, two-factor authentication, and restricted access controls. On the other hand, Kohezion is specifically designed for high-security users, healthcare providers and medical researchers, and as such, provides additional security features such as HIPAA compliance, SSL encryption, and regular security audits.

The security measures implemented by both platforms can benefit businesses by ensuring that their data is protected from unauthorized access, breaches, and data loss.

Which productivity tool is better?

Airtable and Kohezion are both cloud collaboration tools that offer unique capabilities for project management. Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid that allows for easy organization of data with its drag-and-drop interface. It offers a wide range of templates that can be customized to fit the user's needs and has a variety of integrations with popular apps such as Slack, Trello, and Gmail. Airtable also offers a mobile app for easy access on the go.

On the other hand, Kohezion is a low-code application development platform that enables users to build custom apps to run their businesses. It offers a range of features such as data import/export, custom reports, and customizable workflows. Kohezion also has a user-friendly interface and offers a range of templates for various industries. Overall, both Airtable and Kohezion offer unique features and tools for project management, and the choice between the two will largely depend on the specific needs and skill level of the user.

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