Category - Overview

The videos in this categories will explain at a high level the various functions Kohezion has to offer.

Dashboard Overview - 1min:29sec

Learn the basic of our dashboard. Create, edit and delete widgets.

Workspace overview - 3min:23sec

This video explains what is what on the workspace tab. Learn how to open your searches, create items, do ad hoc searches and much more.

Projects overview - 1min:59sec

This video explains what is what on the projects tab. This is where you create and edit your projects and applications.

Reports overview - 1min:58sec

This video explains what is what on the reports tab. Learn how to create custom report templates, generate reports and much more.

Preferences Overview - 2min:22sec

This video explains what is what on the preferences tab. Learn how to edit your profile information and your projects settings
This video explains what is what on the administration tab. Learn how to edit your account information and take care of the role-based security.

Category - How-To

In this category we show you how to use Kohezion to create application and manage them.

In this video we will show you how easy it is to create a web based database application with Kohezion.
This video explain how you can import your existing or legacy data into Kohezion, even create your users automatically.
Here is few tips on how to use Kohezion on your mobile device. Take your data with you in your meetings and on the road.
Learn how you can create your projects for your applications.
Learn how to create searches to easily access your data. Create searches for all projects, selected ones or only for yourself.
This video describes how to create a new user and how to manage the role-based permissions from a user or a project.
This video explains how to create new items on your workspace
This video will explain how to manage security of many users through the use of project groups
This video will explain all types of widgets available in Kohezion and how to create them
This video will explain how to create and customize your own report with Kohezion
This video will explain how to automate reporting and receive them automatically on a set schedule

Category - Application Showcase

This is used to show-off the infinite possibilities of Kohezion.

A simple task tracker application that was build with Kohezion in a few minutes without any programming.
How you could use our online database software to manage your clients and their files. Of course you can further customize this application to your exact and precise requirements.
You can easily create an online application to track your meetings and view them in an calendar.
Apprenez comment Kohezion peut aider votre entreprise a tirer le meilleur de vos donnees tout en augmentant votre productivite.

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