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Testimonials Our Clients Love Us!

«I reached out to Kohezion when discovering them featured on a MakeUseOf DIrectory back in April 2013.

Within a few days, we were engaged with them on building a custom business app. We were looking for a tracking mechanism online (in the cloud) that would help us onboard new clients.

Our internet marketing agency needed a tool to not only track onboarding, but to also allow us to upload (or link to) files created for each specific client. Kohezion seems to be a great find.

Although we are fairly new with the product - I am extremely pleased with the customer support and with the recent addition to link to Google Drive or Dropbox files.

Kohezion is a powerful product and we're just scratching the surface with all of its capabilities. We also believe in the Kohezion company's mission to live a balanced life. The benefits we enjoy from their mission is great synergy and uplifting (no problem) communication and support.

This could become a nifty tool for advertising agencies looking for a central place to keep clients progress on track.»

Fred Spring
Chief Information Officer

«Kohezion is a great tool for businesses, we love it!

Our data is now organized and easy to manage. As CPAs, we deal with a lot of recurring tasks on different schedules. Creating them one by one would be a waste of time.

With the recurring item feature, we establish the desired period and schedule for each task and we rest assured that we won't miss anything.

Thanks to Kohezion, I don't worry about tax season anymore.»

Anouk Pélissou
Pélissou & Associés

«I was using pen and paper to track the service jobs for our on-the-road teams. I had to call the teams when I assigned new jobs to them. You can imagine in what kind of confusion we were working!

With the calendar's weekly view, I can easily assess which team is available and give an appointment to the client while he's on the line.

The team receives a notification on their tablet when they're assigned a new job. We can all keep up with what we have to do way more efficiently.

We would never go back to pen and paper!»

C. Gauthier, MDSA Expert

C. Gauthier
MDSA Expert

«I was curious when I heard about Kohezion on a blog.

I didn't think I could use it since I know nothing about programming. I tried the Trial version to manage customers' data for my lawn mowing company.

I was impressed how simple and easy it was to set up, no more spreadsheets to mess with. And it's totally free!

I recommend Kohezion to any small company in need to manage data.»

John Valencia
Brampton, ON, Canada

«I tried different products when it comes to managing the tasks assigned to my employees.

I never found the right one for my needs until I tried Kohezion's free account. I used to loose spreadsheets and to get mixed-up with versions.

With Kohezion, all my data is on the Internet and I can access it at any time. I can't loose it anymore and my user name and password are securing the confidentiality of the data. I can create reports customized for each of my employees. And I didn't talk about their support yet, call or email, you will always get an answer, fast and accurate.

I recently switched to the Standard account in order to create a new application for the customer calls management. Every penny invested in that account upgrade is worth spending.

Thank you Kohezion!»

Brett Burton
Scranton, PA, United States

«We have been using Kohezion for 3 months now. We developed a shared calendar to plan the activities of our social club at the office.

We can count on the product, it delivers what it is supposed to, every single time we use it.

The IT team had more important things to do than to take care of our social activities, we found our solution. Since it worked so well for our petty needs, we are planning to start using it to manage our contracts.

Kohezion is here to stay!»

Margaret Milton
Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Testimonials: Our Clients Love Us!