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Florian B.

Excellent Tool with outstanding support

Kohezion is very easy to work with and these guys are very customer friendly. They really thought through the customer's needs for creating data bank projects.

There are a number of reasons why I'm really fond of the software.

Bob G.

Simple and intuitive

It's very easy to get up and running with Kohezion. With a free trial to play with, you can follow a hunch and see what best suits your needs. There's also a sense that real live human beings are there, waiting in the wings to help out if you need it, so you're not left to sink or swim. Kohezion is people-centred

Colin M.


I was asked to create a relational database for a client. They needed to create and edit clients, the needed to book clients on to training sessions, and then they needed to be able to assign one or more products to the client. Not only was this possible with Kohezion, but as a previous relational database programmer, I initially created linked tables which wasn't needed - thanks to the power of the Kohezion platform. It has made the development process so much easier.

Milton E. S.

Kohezion have provided me with full developing functionality, without cutting "corners"

The Kohezion user interface provides you with a rich set of objects and controls that makes it relatively easy to develop a cloud based database application, in a fast and secure way, with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a major player in this arena. Kohezion provides me with all the aspects that I am looking in a cloud product of its kind, aspects or attributes such as Security (Cyber security), operational reliability, highly functional in terms of providing all the objects, tools and widgets to provide my application with a modern, powerful, attractive user interface, ease of use (in terms of developing, maintenance and environment administration), detailed audit trail, superb support, rich documentation and tutorials, and in addition, very, very affordable. All this package get even more attractive when you add up a friendly, accessible corporate culture of service that goes from customer support department all the way up to its CEO. Everyone in the organization is knowledgeable, kind and friendly. More than satisfied, I am impressed with the quality, speed, dedication and diligence of their service.

Verified Reviewer

Excellent online database management system

It's comprehensive features. High security. Excellent customer service. Data storage meets European and Canadian standards. Servers located in Canada.

Garrett D.

Hands Down The Best Database You Can Buy

Streamlined daily operations unlike ever before and the confidence knowing that we will be able to maintain complex data archiving for compliance.

Alberto P.

Excellent Software!!! I recommend it, is a must have!!

I am resolving several processes with Kohezion. I work with more than 10 different projects all built with Kohezion. We have a training company so we also teach our students to use Kohezion for their own projects. Customer service Team are very good. Always resolve all of our problems!!! Thumbs Up for them!!!

Nick B.

Brilliant Database

I had been using ACT for over 10 years then Sage got hold of it and changed it to the point that I was no longer satisfied with it so I looked around and came across Kohezion which looked interesting, I looked at the reviews which were very positive so I decided to try them out and I am glad I did they imported my contacts from ACT into their database we then decided which fields we wanted and got rid of the fields with were superfluous to my needs, two sessions later we are up and running with exactly what we wanted, it is simple to use, the support is second to none, I could not be happier with the result Well done Kohezion!

Susan F.

Great Database & Customer Support

We use Kohezion to help us create individual budgets for our students and then use the features of the database to give an overview of the combined budget for all children.

They had a lot of instructional videos available to help with setup. Their customer support was awesome during the setup process. They were very helpful throughout the whole process via phone and email. The database was easy to use once it is all set up. We love the ability to be able to access the database anywhere.

Denise D.

Great great great!

finally found something i can create the database i always wanted. It has everything and so much to choose from. If something doesnt work or if you have a question, its solved very quickly!

John M.

An online system that's customized toward our needs with reasonable costs

The software is straightforward, customized, and it serves the purpose of CRM for a small business. Basically, the database can be customized to serve all your CRM needs without spending tens of thousands of dollars for a Silicon Valley company to do it for you. If you have concerns or need to edit the functionality of it, you can simply schedule an appointment with the assigned technician who is likely to solve all your problems. This gives us a peace of mind.

Susan F.

Great Support from the Team

Their support team has been phenomenal in helping us resolve our issue quickly & efficiently. The team has also been helpful during our set up & provided us with additional guidelines to ensure that we were up & running quickly. We have a complex database & with their help, we were able to get our new database up & going within 48 hours. The system is very user friendly & they offer additional services to help with your setup. Great job Kohezion

Flora D.

Very Pleased - an outstanding program !

I've been using Kohezion for nearly one month now and I have to say that I am very Satisfied! If i had some starting problems the Customer Service helped me very fast and always gave me a solution. Some functions are a little bit hidden away but if you get the structure once than it is super easy to use. If you watch the tutorial carefully there should not be any problems in handling this software! There is one thing that i am missing - the linkage of two Projects (Databases) that enables you to add some points of your one database to the other could be a little bit more "precise" its hard to explain. All in all the Free Package gives me everything I need and comparing to some other programs i've (tried) to use this software is outstanding! Thanks - you make my work a whole lot easier and time efficient!

Rebekah S.

Best Cloud-based Database Option on the Web

With little database development skills, I was able to navigate Kohezion's software and create the solution to my data management needs. I tried multiple other programs but none of them met my needs. I am so glad I continued searching online until I happened to come across Kohezion. I thought it was too good to be true but Kohezion has stood by their word and provided our non-profit with an amazing solution that helps me be more effective and efficient in my job.

James M.

Amazing. my rep did everything he said he would and more.

Simple, easy to learn and use. We had to transfer data from another CRM and my rep was able to duplicate our existing system into Kohezion. Works great!

Kent F.

Love it, does exactly what I wanted

There was a learning curve for me but the rewards are worth it. I set out to do one thing and quickly found I could do lots more. I have all my information in front of me and I love the way I can create a search to return the exact information I want. I did look at other products but they were way over my head. Thanks Kohezion and thanks to the support people. They say information is power and Kohezion has plenty of it