Workspace Overview

This article will help you understand what is what on the workspace. The workspace is where you do most of the work in your Kohezion account.

The Left Column: Search Groups

From the left column, you can access all your searches on the search groups tab. To open it in a new tab, double click on a search group or on a single search.

Left Column Workspace Overview

You can see your searches in grids.


Searches in Grid Workspace Overview

You can also see your searches in three different calendar views.

Monthly Calendar

Searches in Calendar Monthly Workspace Overview

Weekly Calendar

Searches in Calendar Weekly Workspace Overview

Daily Calendar

Searches in Calendar Daily Workspace Overview

The four icons on top of the search group tab help you navigate your searches.

Search Groups Four Icons Workspace Overview

The first one, “View” opens the selected search in a grid.

The second one, “View Calendar” opens the search in a calendar view.

The third one, “Export” exports to Excel the data contained in a specific search.

The fourth one, “Manage” opens a new tab and lets you manage your existing searches and add new custom search groups and searches.

Manage Icon Workspace Overview

Multi-Projects Calendars

On the calendar tab, you can create and view your multi-project calendars.

Calendar Tab Workspace Overview

There is a colour-coded legend as a reminder of what is what and again, you can see your calendars in the three different views: monthly, weekly and daily.

Calendar Tab Colour-Coded Legend and Three Calendat Views Workspace Overview

On the “Manage icon”, you can create a new calendar or add searches to an existing one.

Calendar Tab Manage Icon Workspace Overview

The Action Icons

Now let’s review the icons on the top of your screen.

List of Icons Workspace Overview

First, there is “Save” to save your current work.

List of Icons Save Workspace Overview

“Refresh” to update the data on screen.

List of Icons Refresh Workspace Overview

“Print” to print any item, grid or calendar.

List of Icons Print Workspace Overview

“Email” to email an item, grid or calendar to a user or any other email address you would like.

List of Icons Email Workspace Overview

The “Current Project” dropdown menu is used to select the project where you want to create a new item or for ad hoc searches.

Current Project Dropdown Menu Workspace Overview

To create an item, select the appropriate project and click “New”.

Current Project Dropdown Menu New Item Workspace Overview

If you want to delete an item, simply select it and click “Delete”.

List of Icons Delete Workspace Overview

Use the “Copy” icon make a copy of any item.

List of Icons Copy Workspace Overview

Ad Hoc Searches

There are two ways you can do an ad hoc search. First, select the project you want to search within in the current project dropdown menu.

Current Project Dropdown Menu Workspace Overview

You then have two choices.

The first option is to click the “Search” icon and select specific criteria.

List of Icons Search Workspace Overview

Ad Hoc Search Criteria Workspace Overview

Or you can type what you are looking for in the search bar.

Ad Hoc Search Bar Workspace Overview


This view icon will open a pop op window displaying all your reminders.

View Icon Reminders Workspace Overview

Getting Started Guide

Finally, the “Help” icon will open the “Getting Started Guide” in a new window.

List of Icons Help Workspace Overview

From there you can access the training videos, the knowledge base and the contact us form.

Getting Started Guide Workspace Overview

You should now have a better understanding of what you can achieve on the workspace.