Reports Overview

This article will help you understand what is what on the reports tab. The reports tab is where you create and edit your report templates and generate your reports.

The Action Icons

The first four icons are the usual self-explanatory save, refresh, print and email icons.

List of Icons Four First Reports Overview

Then you have three icons specific to your reports.

List of Icons Schedule Manage Public Reports Overview

Scheduled Report

The first one will help you schedule your reports for them to be automatically sent by email according to the schedule you selected. To schedule a report, you first need to generate it, click on the schedule icon and then, simply follow the steps of the wizard.

Schedule a Report Wizard Reports Overview

Manage Scheduled Reports

The second icon will help you manage your scheduled reports. You can edit, generate or delete existing scheduled reports.

Manage Scheduled Reports Reports Overview

Manage Public Reports

The third icon will open a new window to help you create, edit and delete public reports.

Manage Public Reports Reports Overview

The Left Column: Create and Edit Reports

Now let’s have a closer look at the reports tab on the left column. This is where you will create, edit, customize, generate and delete your report templates. Simply follow the steps of the wizard.

Left Column List of Icons Reports Overview

One your report templates are created, you can generate your reports. Double click on the template or select it and click generate. You can then select an existing search or use an ad hoc search and select new criteria.

Generate Report Wizard Reports Overview

You should now have a better understanding of what you can achieve on the reports tab.