Preferences Overview

This article will help you understand what is what on the “Preferences” tab.

The preferences tab is where you edit your profile information and your projects settings.

 The Action Icons

First, the four icons on the top of your screen are the usual self-explanatory save, refresh, print and email icons.

List of Icons First Four Preferences Overview

Then you have two tabs: my profile information and projects settings.

My Profile Information and Project Settings Tabs Preferences Overview

My Profile Information

Under the profile information tab, you can edit your personal information and a few default account settings. You can:

  1. Edit your username, password, first name, last name and email address.
  2. Change the date format to your preferences.
  3. Show or hide the quick help. The quick help gives your tips throughout your account in blue boxes and question marks.
  4. Change the language of your account.
  5. Edit the items grid size. This is the default number of rows in a grid.
  6. Change your start tab.
  7. Change the default number of item grid columns. By default, the system will display the first 6 columns in your grids but you can change this to fit your preferences.

My Profile Information and Project Settings Tabs Edit Preferences Preferences Overview

Projects Settings

On the “Projects Settings” tab, you can edit the settings for each of your projects. Each user can edit his own settings to his preferences.

  1. Double-click on a project to open its settings in a new window. You can:
  2. Check this box to block email notifications for this specific project.
  3. Edit the list view. Choose the fields you want to see in your grids. Select as many or as little as you want, in the order you want to see them.
  4. Edit the default sort fields. Select one or more field through which your data will be sorted.
  5. Edit the default sort order.

Project Settings Tabs Edit Projects Settings Preferences Overview

You should now have a better understanding of what you can do on the preferences tab.