How to schedule reports

This article will help you learn how to schedule reports in your Kohezion account.

Kohezion’s reports are a great tool to organize, view and share your data. If you generate the same reports on a regular basis, why not schedule them? Here is how to proceed.

First, you need to be on the “Reports” tab. Then, you must generate the report you want to schedule.

Generate a Report How to Schedule Reports

Then, click on “Schedule”.

Schedule Icon How to Schedule Reports

Step 1:

To create a new schedule, check the “Create a new Schedule” checkbox.

Schedule Wizard Step 1 How to Schedule Reports

Step 2:

  1. Name your new schedule.
  2. Select the users who should receive this scheduled report.
  3. You can add email addresses of people outside of your Kohezion account. This could be a client or a provider for example.
  4. Select the schedule.
  5. Finish and that’s it.

Schedule Wizard Step 2 How to Schedule Reports

The users selected will receive this report in their inbox according to the schedule you selected.

If you want to edit your scheduled reports, all you have to do is to click the “Manage” icon and edit, move, generate or delete any of the scheduled reports.

anage Scheduled Reports How to Schedule Reports

You now have all the knowledge needed to schedule your reports.