How to create a database applications

This article will help you learn how to create an application.

First, remember that the application is the blueprint for your projects. This is where you choose and organize the fields you need to gather your data. When you are done designing your application, you can then create many projects from this blueprint. Each project will then contain numerous items.

Create a Database Application

To create your application, go to the “Projects” tab and then to the “Applications” tab.

Projects and Applications Tabs

To create a new application, click “new”, type a name for your application and select the ad hoc template.

Create an application

Double-click on your newly created application to open it in a new window.

Edit your Application

To edit your application, you need to go under the second tab: “Item Specification”.

Item specification tab

First, you can get rid of most of the existing fields to start with a clean slate. Simply click on the field you want to delete and click on the “Delete Field” button. You can then add the fields you need to create your application.

Delete a field

Kohezion offers a wide variety of fields to choose from: checkbox, single line text, multi line text, dropdown, tree, etc.

Select the type of field you want to add in the dropdown menu, click add.

Add a field

Adjust the values for each field property in the right column. All the properties are self-explanatory.

Remember that you can add as many fields as you need to design your application.

Kohezion also allows you to add fields in a section. The sections give you the opportunity to create as many repetitions as you need for the same item. To add a section, click the “Add a new custom fields section” button (fourth starting from the right). Name your section and adjust its properties. You can then add fields in your section.

Add a section

Don’t forget to save your work.