Dashboard Overview

Your dashboard lets you see all your most important data on one screen. Each user customizes his dashboard so you decide what is most important to you.

The seven icons on the top of the page will help you create and edit your widgets:

Seven Icons Dashboard Overview

  1. Refresh, to refresh the data in your widgets.
  2. New, to add a new widget, simply follow the steps of the wizard.
  3. Edit, to edit an existing widget.
  4. Move up and Move down, to reorder your widgets.
  5. Public, account administrators can add a widget to all users dashboards from their own dashboard.
  6. Delete, to remove a widget you don’t need anymore.

Here are some examples of the five different types of widgets you can add to your dashboard:

Search Widget

Tasks Widget Dashboard Overview

Task/Item Chart Widget

Bar Chart

Task Widget Chart Bar Widget Dashboard Overview

Pie Chart

Task Widget Chart Pie Widget Dashboard Overview

Project Portfolio Widget

Project Portfolio Widget Dashboard Overview

Reminders Widget

Reminders Widget Dashboard Overview

Projects Changes Widget

Projects Change Widget Dashboard Overview

To learn more about each step to create each of the widgets, check out this article.