Administration Overview

This article will help you understand what is what on the administration tab. The administration tab is where you view and edit your account information and take care of the role-based security.

 The Action Icons

The three icons on the top of your screen are the usual self-explanatory save, refresh and print icons.

List of Icons Three First Administration Tab

Then you have two tabs: “Account” and “Security”.

Account and Security Tabs Administration Tab

The Account Tab

Info Tab

Under the “Info” tab, you can:

  1. Upgrade your account to have access to more users, applications and projects.
  2. View and edit information about your account.

Account Tab Info Tab Administration Tab

History Tab

The history tab shows in a grid all the events that took place in your account.

Account Tab History Tab Administration Tab

The Security Tab

The Security tab let’s the account managers deal with role-based security.

Users Tab

Under the users tab, create, delete, search, view and customize your users.

Users Tab Action Icons Administration Tab

If you double-click on any user, you have access to the user’s profile, permissions, groups and history.

Users Tab Double Click User Administration Tab

User Groups Tab

Under the user groups tab, create or delete user groups.

User Groups Tab Administration Overview

If you double-click on a user group, you can select the users who are part of this group and manage the group’s permissions.

User Groups Tab Manage Groups Administration Overview

Projects Permission Tab

Under the projects permissions tab, double-click on a project to manage its permissions.

Projects Permissions Tab Administration Overview

You can manage the permissions per user or per user group. The six permissions you can grant are: create, delete, edit, invisible user, project administrator and view.

Projects Permissions Tab Manage Permissions Administration Overview

Account Tab

Finally, under the account tab, you can manage the account permissions, once again per user or user group.

Projects Permissions Tab Account Permissions Administration Overview

You should now have a better understanding of what you can do on the preferences tab.