Your Relationship with Yourself: the Mental Health of Entrepreneurs

mental health



In a parallel universe, I’m a mental health registered nurse. This means that mental health is a very important subject to me. Do you know that among the Canadian population, one person in five will suffer at one moment or another from a mental illness? During adulthood, 8% of us will suffer from major depression.



We know that mental illness has its roots in an intricate mix of genetic, biological, personality and environmental factors. As entrepreneurs, a lot of our behaviours and our environment makes us prone to depression.

–  We are often working 12 hours a day if not more,
–  we are often working from home, making us isolated from the available help,
–  for the first few years, we are breaking even if we’re not loosing money,
–  as I said last week, we are sometimes acting as one-man show.


Signs of depression

It is important for each of us to understand what are the signs of impending depression. If your realize that you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms for more than two weeks, please seek help. It could mean you’re suffering depression.

–  Difficulty in making decisions
–  Decreased productivity or procrastination
–  Inability to concentrate
–  Decline in dependability
–  Unusual increase in errors in work
–  Being prone to accidents
–  Frequent tardiness, increased “sick” days
–  Lack of enthusiasm for work


Here is a work/life balance quiz to help you identify if you need to make changes in your life or if you’re in the right path to mental health.


I’m asking you fellow entrepreneurs, please take care of yourself. Our economy, our communities, ours families need you healthy and smiling.