Your Relationship with Money: Redefining Wealth



Wealth: a definition

Wikipedia defines wealth as «the abundance of valuable resources or material possessions.» As entrepreneurs, do we consider our wealth being solemnly money and possessions or did we decide that wealth also resides somewhere else? You got it, asking the question is answering it.


For entrepreneurs, wealth can be

– Being your own boss,

– Waking up without an alarm clock,

– Taking a day off if I feel like it,

– No traffic, no lunches, no office drama,

– Going to the supermarket in the middle of the afternoon,

– Kiting every day if I want to (replace kiting with any activity you like),

– Working 18 hours a day if I feel like it,

–  Spending more time with your loved ones,

– Being free to use my creativity.


Yes, for us, wealth rhymes with freedom. What is wealth for you?