Your Worst Nightmare About Online Database Software Comes to Life



Sometimes, you can’t explain why, but the worst you can imagine comes to life. Here is the story of a very bad situation inspired from what happened to me (yes, me! The expert!) a while ago, when I was just a rookie at online database software. Of course, I’m also giving you my expert advice on how to get out of this nightmare and avoiding it without loosing to much hair.


Now, imagine this…

You made a decision

You finally made the decision to upgrade your business solution. You settled for a commercial off-the-shelf online database software that is allowing you just enough freedom to design your own database application without needing the programming skills. You have been working super hard to create amazing database applications and you are feeling very proud of yourself. You followed all the tips the vendor gave you, you worked as a team and you put the hours in.

You designed great apps

You have been working with your new acquisition for around a month now. You designed two great applications to manage your clients and their contracts. You created your projects. You created your searches, calendars and dashboards widgets. The preexisting data was migrated from your old system and new data is already building in.

You made a big mistake

You really thought you wrapped your head around the data structure. You didn’t see the mistake coming at all. You just wanted to delete a search… but you deleted your database application. Ouch!

Remember, your application is your blueprint for your projects. Deleting your application means that everything is gone: related projects, searches, calendars, dashboard widgets and of course, all the preexisting and new data. You are searching for the “undo button” but you can’t find it. You sure are hoping this is just a nightmare and that you will wake up anytime soon. But you don’t.


Now what?


Stop everything and report the incident to your vendor as soon as it happens. Your vendor sure can do something about it. With a cloud-based solution, your vendor must be backing up the data at least every 24 hours. Of course, you can expect to have to shed a few dollars for the restore your vendor will have to do. This is your fault, not theirs. You may also loose a workday worth of data. This all depends on when was the last backup and when you deleted.


Make sure you understand the data architecture of your online database software. Inadvertently deleting an item is not the end of the world. It will not wreck your whole system and you can type in the information again within a few minutes. Deleting a whole project or even worse, a database application is another story. As I already stated, the database application is the mother ship. You don’t want to wreck the mother ship without thinking about it twice, right?


Get support

In doubt, ask questions to your vendor. Do not hesitate to use the support you are paying for! There is a whole team waiting for your call or your email. Don’t be shy, there is no stupid question. You better delay your task for a few minutes and wait for your vendor’s answer instead of guessing and doing a huge mistake.

Read the warnings! With any good software, there is a warning (or two!) that will pop up on your screen before you can actually delete important information. Read it!



At the end of the day, my best advice is to take a second before hitting the “delete” button every single time you do so. It can save you money, time and a huge migraine.



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