Why I send a video to qualified leads

why video


Today, I decided to share with you my secret approach to work smarter when it comes to doing demos for qualified leads. You’ll have to agree with me, trying to reach people over the phone is nearly impossible most of the time. And when I finally am able to talk to them, trying to make them understand my name is absolutely impossible. Thank you French-Canadian origins, you owe me a big one. So how to I get qualified leads to interact with me? How do I get their attention? How do I make them want to know more about me?


A new approach

I send them a video showcasing what I know about their data management needs. I create a trial account branded with their business name and containing sample data for each application I think they would need. The video is three to four minutes, presenting our business and giving a taste of what Kohezion has to offer in terms of features and customization possibilities. I don’t want to go too long, I’ll lose them before the end. Since the arrival of social medias, our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Keeping it straight to the point makes them want to learn more. I send the video as a private link to our website so the lead can browse our website after watching the video.




The customer is king

Finally, sending this video allows the lead to manage her own time. She can watch her private video whenever she wants and as many times as she wants. She can share it with her team and discuss it as a group. I usually call the lead two to three days after sending it. People are usually thrilled about the time and care we put into our videos. It’s important to make people feel special, to let them know you care and you want to cater to their specific needs. I can’t promise you a sale, but I can promise that you have half the work done towards it.