What can you learn from your friendships?



Learning to say goodbye

Today, we had to say goodbye to great friends we met a few months ago. We are infinitely grateful for this improbable encounter. We were not meant to meet since we come from different countries. We even met while we were abroad. We met at a crossroad in our respective lives. We enjoyed the time we spent together, sharing our stories, meals, waves and smiles. We helped each other. We cared deeply for each other.

It is now time to go different ways but we know distance will not be an obstacle to our friendship. We feel that we learned so much from each others, we will find a time and space to be reunited in the future. Ce n’est qu’un aurevoir mes chers, ce n’est qu’un aurevoir.


What can we learn from a business point of view from this story?

First, always be open to new connection opportunities even if they seem improbable at first. Let’s be open to great surprises. The newbie in the corner office may have a lot to teach you. The other parent sitting next to you at your son’s play may be your next business partner.

Secondly, enjoy new relations while time and space allow them to last, even for a short period of time. It is not because the contractor will be part of your team for only six months that you should overlook her. Share your knowledge with her. You will both grow from including her as a regular employee.

Finally, keep in touch when the business relationship is over. Maybe your customer went bankrupt and cannot continue using your services for now. But if you keep in touch, when he comes back on his feet and starts something new, he will be knocking at your door again to make business with you. Just as friendships, business relationships need to be maintained.