Was it worth it?



The question I heard the most this week about my participation to the International Startup Festival is:

«Was it worth it?» Close next in line are: «How much did you pay for that?» and «What can you expect as a return on your investment?» Well, here are my answers.


It was worth it

Yes, it was totally worth it. I met amazing people, heard incredible stories and most important of all, I SHARED. Ideas, values, time, smiles and hand shakes. I discovered the wonderful world of networking. I’m sold. When is my next activity? (This afternoon!)


Don’t kiss and tell

Do you really think I’m going to answer that second question? Nah.


The ROI or the ROIR

Finally, the most important question of all, the infamous ROI. Can I see a direct return on my investment? Maybe yes, maybe no. I’ll tell you in a few weeks if I close the deals I have up in the air. This is my answer for the financial ROI.

But, in his book «The Little BIG Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence», Tom Peters talks about the R.O.I.R.: the return on investment in relationships. I truly think this is where I can see the biggest return on my investment during the festival. As I said, I met incredible people with wonderful stories. I took the time to listen to them and they returned the favor. I’m a woman of my time so I connected with all these amazing people on all social medias and I’m confident we’ll stay in touch and collaborate when the right time comes. Nurturing these relationships is what doing business is really all about.



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