How to Unlock the Power of the Reminder Feature in Kohezion

Reminder Feature Online Database Software Kohezion

We are all a bit forgetful at times. This is why Kohezion offers many great features to help you remain organized and focused on the important work you are doing. In fact, one of those features is the reminders. Read this article to understand how you can make the most out of this great functionality.

What Is a Reminder and Why Use It?

Reminders obviously help with time management. Some find them bugging, some can’t live without it. As a matter of fact, reminders alert the user of important items they have inputted into their account. Reminders can either be included at the time of creation of an item or project or can be added as needed along the way. Any user can coin their own reminders. At the time of creation, one or more user can be selected to receive an email including the message included in the reminder and all the information about the item.

Why use reminders? Because we all forget. Some workflow can be included in your applications and you can create searches to help you filter your data. But sometimes, it’s just not enough. We don’t always trust our own ability to log into our account and double click on a specific search to see what is about to be late. For this reason, we create reminders. We all check our phones as soon as it alerts us of a new email. When you create reminders, you can trust you will not miss important deadlines or forget to renew a lucrative contract.

To help you unlock the power of the reminder feature, the next sections include how to create and access your reminders.

Reminders at the Item Level

This is done on your workspace tab. To set a reminder at the item level, all you need to do is go on the reminder tab of the specific item. Item Reminder Kohezion Online Database Software

Simply select the date for your reminder, whom you would like the reminder to be sent to, and add a message if needed. That’s it!

Adding a reminder Kohezion online database software

On the selected date, this is the kind of email the user will receive. It clearly states it is a reminder from Kohezion, includes the message and the item data.

On the workspace, you can also use the pop-up button to see all your reminders. It’s right beside the search bar.

Reminder button Kohezion online database software

Reminders at the Project Level

Reminders can also be included at the project level. We usually use these as milestones during a project. Again, it can be emailed to all or some of the users included in this project.

project level reminder Kohezion online database software

Reminders on the Dashboard

Your dashboard offers a great overview of your preferred data. Simply add the reminder widget to it using the new dashboard widget wizard.

New Dashboard Widget Wizard Kohezion online database software

This is what it looks like. You can see a list of your reminders for today, ten passed days, and ten future days. It includes the date of the reminder, the message, and which project and item it is attached to.

Reminder widget dashboard Kohezion online database software

In brief, using the reminders is a great way to remain organized and focussed. If you are not already a Kohezion user, create your FREE FOREVER account today to explore all the amazing functionalities it has to offer.


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