The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About Database Application Part 2

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Here is my second part of the glossary of terms about database applications, now from N to Z.



View the communications with your team as a network of connections enabled by your database applications. Your applications are the templates for your projects and your projects are gathering that extremely important information for you to lead your business to success.



This is an easy one. Keep your data organized with your database applications. Everything in its place, nothing gets lost and the business prospers. It is that easy!



You have the power to create your own apps yourself. When you have the right tools in your hands, the sky is the limit and you can progress at your own pace. You don’t have to wait for others to do it for you or to stress you into doing it faster then you would have by yourself. We call it “empowering the disempowered”.



Don’t be shy! If there is anything you don’t understand, simply ask questions. Whether it is about the type or properties of the fields, the sections or the default searches, there is nothing that can’t be fixed with the exchange of e few emails.


Role-based security

You want to design amazing database applications to store your data and you sure want to share this information with your team but you may not want to share everything with everyone. This is where the role-based security feature comes to the rescue! Share what you want with whom you want, easily.



This evil invention was placed on Earth to torment me. I hate spreadsheets. Luckily for me, database apps are there to fix all the problems the spreadsheets are creating. Say goodbye to the version issues and say a happy hello to the search and report features coming with the apps.



Save time with the numerous automated processes coming with database applications. There are some actions you just don’t have to do by yourself, let the computer do it.


(Super-) User

Super-users are the masters of all things related to your online database software, not to mention the design and creation of your database applications. Are you one of them?



Do you have one? Do you know where you are going with your data? You should have a vision because if you don’t, you may end-up with the biggest problem with online database software. Don’t worry too much, it can be fixed.



The workspace is the kingdom of your database apps. This is where they will do their magic.



Today, I realized that not many words start with the letter “x” and even less of them can be related to database applications. So I worked hard to end up with that word… Let me explain. Xerox refers to copying something. Did you know that you can duplicate your database app and modify the second one to create a slightly different version?

I use it for task trackers since in some apps I want a simple date field: task should be done on May 22 2014 for example. But sometimes you want to be more specific and you may want a date-time range: task should be done on May 22 2014 from 9AM to 11AM.



Say YES to working with your team to improve your database applications. There are many steps you should follow when you are designing your apps. Here is a reminder.



With database applications, there is zero waste of time, zero scattered file versions and overall zero problems. It is an easy to use, secure and sustainable solution. What are you waiting for?


Any words you would like to add to this glossary? Please leave a comment with your suggestions!


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