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When getting on board with a new online database software account, businesses can choose to either build their database applications themselves or to benefit from the expertise of our data architecture specialists. If you are not sure what a turnkey solution is and how your business can benefit from it, this article is for you. Within the next few paragraphs, I’ll define the concept of a turnkey solution, describe the advantages of choosing this option, and explain the approach to a successful project.

Turnkey Definition

A turnkey solution is essentially the personalized construction of your online database software account. It involves in-depth understanding of your requirements and the optimization of all the necessary components to lead you to successful data management. All depending on your budget, our experts can take care of as little or as much as you wish: designing applications, creating projects, cleaning up and importing pre-existing data, setting-up users and user groups, managing permissions or security, and organizing all the other components. A turnkey project is a low-cost high-quality approach to customized software development.

Numerous benefits arise from choosing a turnkey solution to set up your account. When our clients benefit from the experience of our team of experts, they build a strong foundation for their data management structure. Optimal data architecture is mandatory for long-term business success. Moreover, opting for a turnkey solution to set up your account is not a quick fix but a lasting solution. It allows you to keep your focus on your business operations while we set up your account. We will lead you to be even more productive and efficient.

Turnkey Solutions for All Businesses

Any business, big or small, can benefit from a turnkey project. It doesn’t matter if you’re an SMB, an NPO, a mom-and-pop shop or a multinational, our turnkey solution will fit your budget. You are signing up for customized development at a fraction of the usual prohibitory cost. Based on your needs and on your budget, we can set up your applications and projects, import your pre-existing data, create your users, and provide training as needed. The first 30-minute consultation and the quote are always free. You will be impressed with our offering.

Step-by-Step Turnkey Project

Once you are ready to move forward with your turnkey solution, a member of our team is assigned to you. He will follow you all along the project. We divide our turnkeys into three stages: analysis, account creation, and training. Of course, these steps can overlap to adjust to your needs. Here is the detail of each step.


The analysis phase is the most creative.  This is where we discuss with your team, understand your needs, explain options, and submit a plan. We figure out your data architecture before we can move towards the creation phase. You can expect to exchange emails and do a couple of web conferences. We really want to make sure we understand how your business works. During the analysis phase, don’t be shy to inquire about new features or properties you may need. Our team of experts will always consider requests for further customized development.

Account Creation

This is where we do our magic. We create your account according to your exact needs and requests. We design your applications, generate your projects, assign permissions to your users, and set up all the features you requested. We keep in touch with you all along the way for some improvements as we go. This step can be completed very quickly if you are on a tight schedule.


Once you are satisfied with your account set up, we start the training. The training can include how to modify existing or create new applications by yourself, how to administer the account’s preferences and security, and how to benefit from all the features. For example, we can teach you how to customize your dashboard, link items in a one-to-many relationship, create automated reports, or make the best use of pivot tables. When you upgrade from a free forever to a standard account, you also gain access to priority support.

Are you ready to move forward with a turnkey solution? Let us know about your project and one of our application specialists will give you a precise quote. A turnkey solution could change the way your business takes care of data management. Don’t pass the opportunity!


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