How to Transfer My Data To Online Database Software

If you are not currently using a solid business solution to take care of your data management, it is time to start considering safe and easy to use options. These types of software allow their users to create their own applications and projects. All the business data is safely stored in the cloud allowing its users to access and share it in real time.

In this article, I’ll explain the dangers of not tracking your business data properly, present some data migration solutions, and finally, I’ll explain how to quickly transfer data into Kohezion.

How to Transfer My Data To Online Database Software - Kohezion free trial

Dangers of Not Tracking Your Data Properly

Data protection is important for the general public and for businesses. For a professional like a nurse, a breach of confidentiality could cost her her job and career. It is then important to follow all rules on how to handle information related to the treatment of her patients. For the general public, the consequences of not tracking data properly are probably not as drastic but can still cause issues. Mishandling a password could expose the person to spilling personal, or even worse, banking information.

For some businesses, not tracking their data properly could have disastrous consequences such as losing the trust of their customers or even going out of business. There are also potential legal consequences of mishandling data. For example, European Union residents and those doing business with the EU must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They must follow a set of strict rules on how to handle personal data in order to avoid hefty fines. As you can see, tracking your data properly is extremely important.

Solutions to Migrate Your Database

The first step towards a successful data migration is to inventory the data management solutions you are currently using. Your data migration process is highly dependable on where you are coming from, and on where you want to go. Of course, the best data management method is the one you are comfortable using. In some cases, people are still using pen and paper or word processors. For others, they may rely on their phone. Spreadsheets are an option in some cases. For businesses who already took a step towards online data management, they may be stuck with a legacy system such as Adobe FormsCentral. Once you know where you stand, and how safe is your current solution, you can make an informed decision for the future of your business. The migration process will vary in terms of resources needed, time and cost. In all cases, hiring data architecture professionals is a sure way to smooth the process, and ensure a positive ending.

The most affordable and effective data management solution for small businesses is online database software. It allows its users to gather all their data under the same roof. It offers an easy to use platform to create and share information. Single users, close-knit teams or multinationals can benefit from its many features. As for data migration, it is quick and easy to transfer data to online database software.

How to Transfer Your Data to an Online Database Solution – like Kohezion

Data migration to Kohezion is fast and easy. It doesn’t require its users to master programming skills. It can be a DIY project, or some businesses may want to benefit from the peace of mind of a turnkey solution to speed up the project. The general principles are quite simple. You preexisting data need to be turned into a database readable format. The spreadsheet format is the way to go. To access step-by-step instructions on how to import your data for Kohezion users, skip to this article. It is possible to import a spreadsheet into an existing project, or to create an application and project from your file. The created apps are then easy to customize according to your business’s needs.

Once you are ready to explore the powerful capabilities of online database software, the next step is easy. Create your FREE trial account today. Take some time to explore what it has to offer. Don’t worry if you need help, we offer a wide variety of resources to help you along the way.

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