Today is my birthday


Today, I’m turning 31. I don’t mind telling you my age but it’s probably because I’m still in my early thirties. Or maybe it’s because I’m proud of where I’m at in my life and I don’t care about numbers. Birthdays can be sweet or sour. You may be happy you’re now a grown-up or feeling blue because your youth is behind you. I’m always happy on my birthday. I think birthdays are a great time to consider our past year’s achievements. Many of us choose January first to look back at the passed year and plan ahead but I do it the day I’m blowing candles.

Last year, I learned to be bold, both personally and professionally. I learnt to put myself out there and it  paid a damn lot. Staying in your basement and waiting for things to change won’t do much for you. Go. Speak up. Take the leap. You will learn and stumble and learn some more. You will grow much more you could imagine and the universe will provide for you. I’m feeling grateful for the gifts I received, for the nourishing experiences I came across and the for the great people I met along the way. As we would say here, Mahalo.

For the year to come, I’m planning on keeping up the good work. It could seem like a lousy plan but I don’t think it is. It is actually easier to sit on your success and let it slips between your fingers than it is to keep working hard.

What day is your business’ birthday? Do you ever stop and look back on your business achievements? How are you planning to become even more successful during the year to come?

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