Tips on building your business applications

tips on business app

Build your own applications

When offered a lot of options, we sometimes get confused. We don’t know where to start. With Kohezion, you can build your own business applications from scratch. This means that pretty much everything is possible! You want a simple task tracker? Done! You want a complex contract tracker? Done! Here is a few tips on how to get started when you want to build a new business application.


Tips to help you design your apps

1.  Think!

The first questions you need to ask yourself before starting to build your business application are: What is the essential information I need? What do I specifically need to track?

2.  Scribe!

Get the pen and paper and map your application on paper. Do you need sections? What information should come first? What goes where?

3.  Browse!

Search through the fields dropdown to find what type of field you want for each piece of information. If you need to attach files, are you already using Dropbox or Google Drive or are your files on your hard drive? Do you need to assign each item to a member of your team? Is it important for you to know when a specific item was created or last saved?

4.  Build!

It is time to build your application into Kohezion. Create all your fields and take a close look at all the properties you can select for each field. You have many options to choose from to fit your exact needs.

5.  Try!

Now that your application is done, create a project from it and play with it. Create a few new items and question yourself on the ease of use of your application. Your first version may not be perfect. No worries, you can always go back to your application and customize it some more.


Go ahead and create the perfect business application customized to the exact needs of your team. The time and effort invested in its creation is worth it a hundred times.

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