The bloggers I admire

Do you read a lot? Magazines? Books? Blogs? All of the above and more? I’m in the last category, I read a lot! Do I need to read only about SaaS and software development? No! I want to be a well-rounded reader, I want to open my horizons and so should you. I start every day by reading a few blogs I follow. To help you understand who I am and why I’m blogging, let me tell you about those great blogs.

Seth Godin – The marketing guru

He writes the most popular blog on marketing in the world. He posts seven days a week and find the ingenuity to keep being pertinent, no shortcuts, no BS. His posts will shake your beliefs, take you out of your comfort zone and push you to give the best of yourself. He is my daily dose of inspiration. Whatever the field you are in, you will benefit from reading him. Just read it. Period.

Tom Peters – The management guru

If Seth Godin is the guru of marketing, Tom Peters is the guru of management. He is responsible for my overuse of the exclamation mark! He is generous giving us a lot of content (check out his 55 books reading list of 2012), always to the point and very lively. I love his no non-sense approach. Tom Peters is leading us toward excellence in management. A must.

Jessica Hagy – Indexed – Funny charts

Jessica Hagy draws a chart on a card and publish it on weekday mornings. It can be about pretty much anything and everything. Sometimes just plain hilarious but most of the time funny and intelligent altogether. I never taught I could get addicted to pie, line and bubble charts.

Jessica Hagy – Picture This – Charts and business

Here again you will find her funny charts but you get the bonus of pertinent content about business philosophy. How-to’s, dos and don’ts, great tips and reflections on the business world.

Brené Brown – Ordinary courage

I discovered Brené Brown when I landed on her first TED Talk. She is probably still mortified about it, but this talk was a great example of a scholar stepping out of her comfort zone and being open about how miserable that made her feel. Talk about daring greatly. Her blog is very personal and offers great reflexions on how to live a courageous life, one day at a time.


You probably wonder why a young blogger, new on the scene, is writing about other bloggers. It doesn’t make sense to lead you to read some other blogs than mine, does it? Well, I think it does. It’s called giving you a gift. It’s called sharing what I know with you, without waiting for something in return. Of course, I hope you keep reading my blog! I am well aware that it is my job to grab your attention, just as those great bloggers did for me. 

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