Task tracker application showcase

As promised, here is the first application showcase. Let’s start with the basics and take a look at the task tracker. If you don’t already have a spreadsheet, when you create your account, this is the default application you will have.  Tracking the tasks of all your team in one online convenient place is a neat way to simplify your day at work. Let’s have a closer look at the application.


The first section lets you fill in the basic information about your task. The first field on this application is the ID number. This unique identifier will help you track the tasks without referring to it’s name. This number is created by the application automatically.

Then you have the task name field. This is a single line of text where you can write a simple description of the task.

The next field is the due date. You can click on a calendar to choose the date on which this task must be completed.

Then comes a drop down menu where you will choose to whom the task is assigned to. You can select one or more user. The users you selected will receive an email notifying them they were assigned a task.

The next field is the status of the task. The drop down menu lets you choose between finished, in progress, refused or waiting approval. These are the default status but you can customize them per your needs.

This application will automatically add the created by, create date and last save information to your task.

The next section on this application is designed to add comments. This is a multi line text box for you to write any comment pertinent to your task. You can choose to send this comment to other users by clicking on one or more name on the send to box next to the comment box. The users you selected will automatically receive your comment by email.

The last section lets you upload files to your task. This could be a photo, a document or any file related to your task.

The task tracker application is a very simple one but it fulfills its function very effectively. Don’t forget this is the default version of this application. The customization possibilities are endless. You can add or remove fields, move fields around, active or deactivate fields, change the look of it, add or remove sections and much more.

Once your application is done, it will be your blueprint to create different projects. I hope you adopt the online database software as a great tool to help you manage your daily tasks.

I invite you to have a look at the task tracker application, just click here and use the login information below:

Account: demo

Username: task_demo

Password: task_demo

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