Support and training


At one point or the other, we all need a little help. Nothing infuriates me more than asking for help and not receiving it. At Kohezion, we pledge to offer the support and training you require at the moment you need it.

Built-in support

When we designed our online database platform, we made sure to have some built in support included. Throughout the platform, you will find useful information when you point your arrow on a button or a tab.

We went even further and we are allowing you to customize the built in support for your team. You can insert a short description for every field of your applications. The small interrogation sign will appear right beside your field’s name. Simply click on the interrogation sign and a box containing your valuable information will appear. It is an easy way to remind your users how to fill in the information when creating or editing an item. In the ad hoc application, the task tracker, we already added the descriptions for you.

24/7 availability training

In terms of on demand training available 24/7, we offer some «how-to» videos and columns on this blog. We want you to have information available at your fingertips.

If you are still facing a question on how to use Kohezion, don’t get stuck, use the «Help» button to send me an email. I will personally answer your question as fast and thoroughly as possible. I’m not outsourcing the support calls or emails. If I ever do, I promise I will hand this over to someone I trust will take this mission as seriously as I do.

More on demand

You need more? No problem. We offer a comprehensive support and consultation bundle for your more complex needs. We can offer online and onsite training for your team. Email me for more information.

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