Spreadsheets are evil

Yesterday, I confessed my distaste for spreadsheets. First things first, I’m not alone! Check out «I hate spreadsheets» in Google and see how many pages you get. You will find loads of data management gurus, graduate students, entrepreneurs and accountants raging about the flaws of spreadsheets. Still, I think you deserve a bit more arguments to support me voicing such a confession.

I’m actually a fan of spreadsheets when it comes up to doing budgeting and adding up numbers. 1+1=2 and I won’t argue with that, I’ll leave mathematics to mathematicians. What I dislike is to use spreadsheets to track data such as clients, inventory or support calls. This is where it gets messy. You have to save versions, to email it to your coworkers and you often end up with different documents on different desktops of different users. You need to keep track of your data history and the spreadsheet won’t help you do so. What a waste of time and energy.

Spreadsheets are a static tool and the 21st Century calls for interactive ones. Online data management applications are secure, reliable, simple, customizable, affordable and sustainable. Teamwork in real-time is what growing businesses need in today’s world.

So yes, I’m a big fan of online data management applications. Would you like to try ours for free? Just go to www.kohezion.com/pricing and create a free Community account. Try importing your preexisting spreadsheet into Kohezion and see what kind of application you can create within minutes. Play with it, customize it, I guarantee you will never go back to the evil spreadsheet.

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