Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Business Solution

Thinking Business Solution


Welcoming a new business solution in your company is a great decision to make. It will most definitively improve your productivity and efficiency and will change forever your relationship to technology. But before taking the leap, you should ponder a few points.


Where are you coming from?

First things first, it is mandatory to take a few steps back to understand your current situation, what you like about it and what it is lacking.

Why do you need a new business solution?

What are the problems you are currently dealing with that you would like the new business solution to resolve?

What is the source of the problem?

Is it communication within the team?

Is it the gathering of information to form a manageable sum of data?

Is it the lack of customization of your current system?

It is infinitely important to understand what is lacking in your current system to make sure you can identify the features your new business solution should possess.


What are your specific needs?

After identifying what you disliked in your previous solution, take the time to envision what would be the perfect replacement.

So yes, in terms of features, what are your specific needs?

What do you need to do with your data?

Is the ability to create your own database applications a must?

Should you be able to create searches and reports?

Do you need dashboards?

Should you be able to manage the security of your system by yourself?

Do you need role-based security and filters to grant only the permissions your users should get?

The features needed will help you determine the type of business solution you need and will give you clues as to the price you can expect for it.


Money will have the last word, period.

Finally, I kept the most important questions for last.

What about the money?

Can you afford the perfect business solution you are envisioning?

What is your budget?

Do you know how much you are actually able to pay?

Should you consult your accountant before making any decision?

How long are you willing to wait before seeing a return on your investment?

Are you envisioning a return within weeks, months or years?

How many users will need access to your account?

How much are you willing to pay for each user?

What are you willing to invest in terms of learning time and training for your team?

What is the technology literacy of your team?

Should your solution be very user-friendly or can your team manage a high level of complexity?

How much are you willing to invest into support and upgrades? Are your previsions realistic?

These are all questions that will help you understand where you are standing in terms of the budget you can allow to a new business solution. As you can see, introducing a new solution in your team is not an easy decision to make.


Bottom line

As the title of this article was announcing, you sure have a lot of thinking to do before making a decision in regards of the introduction of a new business solution into your company. Remember to first analyze your actual situation, listing its pros and cons. You can then identify the new features that seem essential to you and finally, make sure you can afford what you wish for.


Do you have any questions to add to this list? Please leave a comment to share it with other readers.



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