How to Solve Issues With Database Applications

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Most businesses, big and small, are in the process of understanding the importance of gathering data and taking advantage of analyzing it. In doing so, some are very well organized and some are not so much. Here are a few examples of data management issues and how database applications can easily solve it.



Issue 1

“We are working on spreadsheets to gather the information about our customers but we keep having trouble to always use the latest version. It just multiplies exponentially!”

Create an online database application! A database application will advantageously replace your spreadsheet. You can even keep the preexisting data and import it into the online database software to create your database application.

Once your information is in the database, each user can add to it and collaborate in real time. You now get the advantage to know who added what and when and of course, you get rid of the numerous versions lying on multiple desktops.

As an added bonus, append a comment section to each of your database applications to allow users to write and share helpful comments about the item at hand without getting out of the software.



Issue 2

“We’re using a file sharing service (Google Drive™, DropBox™) to keep track of our tasks. Sending the data to the cloud got rid of the version issues but we still have problems searching through the information. We have a big cloud-based mess!”

Create an online database application and default searches! With any good online database software, when you design your database applications, you can also create default searches to help you slice and dice the data. With the click of a button, you can now easily view informative portions of your data whenever needed.

For example, see all the tasks that are assigned to a specific user or all the tasks due today. This allows you to be up-to-date in your projects. And if you use the file sharing system as a repository for documents such as signed contracts or for big images, many online database software will give you the possibility to create linking fields to your file sharing service account and keep using both seamlessly.



Issue 3

“I’m using many free mobile device applications to manage my workload. My contacts are in my phone, my tasks are in my calendar and my contracts are in DropBox™. I wish I could find and all-in-one solution to have everything in the same place!”

Create multiple online database applications in the same account! Having all your vital data in the same online database software lets you see your workload in a more global way.As an added bonus, you get the possibility to link your different items together.

For example, on the same screen, see the information of your client, the tasks related to her and her contracts, all of it past, present and future. You get to see the big picture. Most online database software will give you the option to see your data in grids or in a calendar view.

You can even create custom calendars to aggregate different projects together. How productive?



When it comes to issues, we sometimes have to think outside the box. Leave a comment to share your story. What issues did your business solve with database applications?


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