How to Sell Business Solution to a Skeptic

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If you want to sell anything to a skeptic, you will need good arguments. Here are quite of few pointers you could need if you want to convince someone to settle for a business solution such as an online database software.

A business solution gives you access to…


Track your data

This is the whole point of the software but you may still have a few questions about the subject. Read on!

What are data?

Your business data is the information you work with every single day. It is specific to your industry and even specific to your own business. For example, if you are a CPA, your data will not only be related to clients but also to taxes and expenses. If you are a stylist, you will also manage clients but you sure will want to know completely different information about them. You may track data about body measurements and favourite boutiques where your client likes to shop.

Why would you track it?

You may wonder why it is important to track your business data. Again, let’s concentrate on a client for an example. From the moment your client is still a prospect to several years later where your client and you have history together, you want to keep some records about this specific client but also about what you did for her and your different interactions. If we think about tasks, it is extremely important for your business to have a trace of what you did for your clients whether it is for billing purposes or for following up on contracts.


Create your own apps

If it’s been a while that you are searching for the best business solution for you, it may be because the specialize software on the market don’t answer 100% of your needs. Creating your own applications may just be the perfect solution.

What do you need to track?

Do you know what are your data? In a perfect world, what would you track? As I say, you probably have clients and tasks, these are easy ones, but you may also have very specific needs. Teachers may want to track the performance of their students during their clinical placements. Massage therapists may want to track the care they are giving to their clients but also the health problems the client is dealing with. It is up to you to make sure you understand your work and identify the data you need to track.

Get more than the pre-made template can give you

So you now know what is your business data but the pre-made templates offered by the specialized software you looked into don’t fit your exact needs. No worries, with an online database software, you can create exactly the templates that you need. It may look a bit intimidating to start with since you start with a blank canvas but you will soon realize that designing your own applications is super fast and easy. No specialized software can beat the result you will create by yourself. And remember, anybody can do it, there is no programming involved.


Customize your account

Once your applications are created, customize your account to make it fit your exact data management needs.

Make it your own

Just as easily as you can create your own apps, create your searches, calendars, reports and dashboards. Only you know how you want to work and it is quick and simple to turn your account into your perfect data management platform, customized to your exact and specific needs.

Manage the permissions

You sure want to work as a team but you also want to give the right permissions to the right users within your account. Your business solution allows you to do just that. Adjust the role-based permissions and create filters to make sure everybody uses the software in the most efficient manner possible, no more, no less.


Do you need more convincing before adopting a new business solution? To you have any objections to such a solution? Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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