How to Sell Business Productivity to a Skeptic

Productivity to Skeptic


The business productivity skeptic in your office is still stuck with a Rolodex, a paper organizer and manilla files? She doesn’t believe in data organization, cloud-based solutions and big data? It’s time to upgrades the tools! Here are a few suggestions of points to make to push business productivity tools to her, divided in three categories: organization, connection and empowerment.



Being productive is all about organization. And to me, being organized is all about having the right tools and gathering your information with the least amount of software and apps possible. Of course, I’m suggesting to invest in an online database software. Collecting and organizing your business data improves your productivity by allowing you to understand what is going on in your business and not loosing information scattered in different locations. Here are a few concrete examples of how an online database software will help you get organized, and therefore optimize your business productivity.

–  All your information being in the cloud and in the same software gives you a great overview of that is going on in your business.

–  Seeing your data in a calendar, and even better, in a multi-project calendar allows you to have a global view of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks.

–  Creating searches and reports to slice and dice the information as you need enables you to clarify and pinpoint parts of your data to get a better understanding.

–  Having all your data organized under the same roof helps you being better prepared for your meetings and overall, for your different tasks.



Being productive all by yourself is good, but being productive as a team is even better! Connecting your team players with the right tools is essential to improved communication. And upgrading your communication tools is essential to upgrade your team’s productivity. Once again, simplifying and downgrading the number of tools you are using is the key. Going from a paper/email/organizer/sticky notes/spreadsheets solution to a powerful email/online database software combo will simplify the communication within your team tremendously. Here are a few examples.

 –  Completely exit the spreadsheets to gather information, unless it is accounting data. Client’s information should not be in spreadsheets. Contracts information should not be in spreadsheets. Same for meetings information. Same for tasks. Are your catching my drift? If it is not pure numbers, it does not belong in spreadsheets.

–  How would you like to gather all the tasks assigned to each member of your team in the same spot? An online database software allows you to assign each task to a user and notify this person of the new task at hands. Exit the phone call, exit the email. All your work is tracked by assignment, date, completion or any other parameter you need to track.

–  To have the communication system even more complete, add comment sections to your applications. Once again, you can type in a comment in the appropriate item, which will be share amongst the team. If the information is time sensitive and or urgent, you can even notify one or more user of your newly added comment. Awesome efficiency and business productivity!



This one can sound like a bit of a stretch at first glance, right? How can empowerment improve business productivity? From my point of view, if you have to wait after someone to to something for you, you are loosing precious time. Agreed? This is why I think empowerment is one of the keys to improved business productivity. Your business productivity tools should habilitate you to design, create and edit items, projects and applications with minimal to no assistance.  Here are a few last examples about online database software and database applications design.

–  If you need to call the IT department or your vendor each and every time you need to create an application, add a field or create a search, you don’t have the best business solution possible in terms of productivity. You should be able to do this by yourself, within an hour.

I you need programming skills to operate your online database software, you don’t have the best solution possible for your business. Even if one or a few people know how to code within your team, if these persons leave, you are stuck. Better settle for a no-programming solution.


Do you feel you have a few more arguments to try to convince your office business productivity skeptic to upgrade her tools? I would love to hear your success story; did you recently upgrade your business productivity tools? How did it go?



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