Sage Advice About Business Productivity From a Five-Year-Old

productivity boy playing in water


You probably think I fell on my head right before writing this blog title but allow me a few minutes of your time and keep reading. Little kids and productive people may have a lot more in common then you think.


Picture a five-year-old playing

Whether you have kids or not, you sure spent some time at one point or another watching a young kid play. Think about your nieces and nephews, the kids you babysat as a teenager or your own little ones. Picture them playing a game they totally love. It could be throwing rocks in the river, building a sandcastle on the beach or playing schoolteacher with dolls. What do you see? What can we learn?

Even if they can’t necessarily do the same thing for a very long period of time, for the time period the five-year-old is playing his game, he is totally into it. There is nothing else in the world but these rocks, sand or dolls. Don’t try to stop the game; you will end up with a major crisis to deal with.

Also picture the enthusiasm and energy this kid is putting into the game. We sure can hear screams of joy when the rocks are splashing mommy and daddy. The tantrum this little girl is throwing when a wave melts her sandcastle doesn’t know temperance. The little girl playing school teacher is the most serious master you have ever seen.


One task at a time: Stop the multitasking

Just like the little guy throwing rocks in the water, when you have a serious task to wrap up, stop everything else and concentrate on the task at hand. Shut down your cellphone, send your calls from your office phone straight to voicemail, close all the unnecessary windows on your desktop (yes, it includes ALL social medias…) and close your office door or put some headphones on. Be in the moment and just do it. You will be amazed how fast you can wrap up a lot of work n a short period of time when you simply do one thing at a time. This is real productivity. Busywork and multitasking are not!


Put your heart into what you are doing

This one may sound a bit less intuitive. I don’t know if everybody will agree with me on this one but I think we do much more work and work of higher quality when we put our heart into what we are doing. If you are dragging your feet to finish a task and ruminating the same negative thoughts about the task, chances are that it will take a longer time to actually finish it.

Instead, have a positive attitude towards what you have to do and do it with enthusiasm. Feel that inner five-year-old of yours and channel this raw energy and keenness. Once again, the result of your work will be of higher quality and I’m sure you will end up finishing the task faster. As an added bonus, you may just end up having a great deal of fun at work! Sounds like fun right?


The next time you are at work and being¬†unproductive, think about the little ones in your life and replicate the dedication and enthusiasm they have for their games. Being productive can and should be fun! Al I’m asking is that you don’t let it all out and throw a major tantrum at work. This could definitely be embarrassing!

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