Recurring Items: it goes on and on and on

Organizing your recurrent tasks

Some tasks you just cannot escape. They come daily, weekly, monthly, annually or anything in between. It just needs to be done and you can’t allow yourself to forget about it. What is your trick to remember your recurring tasks? Organizer? Sticky notes? Hope that your memory won’t fail? I say, let Kohezion’s system take care of it! Create your recurring tasks and see them magically appear on the date and time your selected. Here is how you can do it.


How to create a recurring task

In the appropriate project, simply go under the recurring items tab and click new. Here I created a recurring blog writing task.


Rcurring tasks


Name, period and schedule

Name your recurring item and select the period and schedule you want it to be created by. Only fill in the fields that you want to be recurring and leave the other ones blank. You will enter your information once it is created. That’s it! According to the period and schedule you selected, your items will be created and added to the appropriate project.


Create recurring task


Create your recurring tasks now

If you wish to see those items showing before the actual time it needs to be completed, you can create your recurring items in advance. Select the date until you want them to be created and you’re done.


Create all recurring tasks


Grid view

You can then see your newly created recurring items in a grid:

daily blog post grid


Calendar view

or in a calendar.

daily blog post calendar


Remember, tasks can be recurring but any type of item can be. CPAs use it for the income tax returns and instalments of their corporate clients. Marketers use it as a monthly checklist to optimize their work with customers. Car dealerships use it to notify their employees of the work to be done recurrently. How will you use it?